Help – My Face is Falling!

This is an actual plea I received from a not-so-faithful Facial Magic® user. This plea arrived via text and what I discovered next just might act as a wakeup warning to any of you who are considering using diabetic drugs to lose weight.

All of a sudden, in the twinkling of an eye, and a great marketing campaign, it seems the entire world is hoping to lose a substantial amount of body weight using diabetic drugs.

Well, as pleasant as it sounds to effortlessly drop 20# or more, there are extenuating results that occur, and these results are not so wonderful.

Even though my client has been using intermittent fasting to control her weight, when she learned that by popping a pill, her weight problem could be substantially lessened using one of the highly recommended diabetic drugs, she persuaded her physician to prescribe not one, not two, but she has tried all four diabetic drugs touting weight loss.

Now I must admit that this gal is a human petri dish who is not afraid to experiment with pharmaceuticals. When I disclosed that I had read where these diabetic weight loss drugs have been noted for causing accelerated facial aging, she had a complete meltdown.

That’s when I learned that even though her bathroom scale had not indicated a great weight loss, her bathroom mirror revealed that her face was much thinner, but her butt was still large. Well, maybe that’s because she had spent the last week in New Orleans enjoying their magnificent cuisine and beverages.

It may be disheartening as more men and women wake up to the fact that losing weight throughout the body means losing volume in the face.

Sagging facial features are a result of inadequate muscle strength and sagging skin is an indication of loss of tone. Both conditions can be greatly improved by using Facial Magic facial exercise.

That’s right! Facial Magic can revitalize the shape and contour of your facial features. In just minutes a day, each area of your face and neck can be nourished with targeted exercise movements to lift, tone and tighten those regions that you want corrected.