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Hello Everyone,

Happy September!

What a terrific month this is to enjoy everything! One of the best announcements I can share is that Jackie Silver and I are resuming our Ageless Sisters talk via video. We are scheduled to shoot September 13th and we will release the show for you soon after. Our show, for those of you who are new to us, is all about beauty, fashion and style. Here’s our link to previous shows.

The Oklahoma State Fair is happening this month and I plan to see the exhibits, eat some of the fair’s new offerings and check out the huge array of animals. Quirky and unique foods are introduced at this State Fair. I have my list of this year’s fare and will do my best to check out all of them.

Have you been reading the brouhaha concerning Vitamin D and coconut oil?  Personally, I am still using both and will continue until I am convinced otherwise. Recent studies indicate that coconut oil appeared to provide more positive effect on cholesterol-related health compared with olive oil.

TESTIMONIAL:  I am just starting week 2 of your program and let me just say that I am extremely happy I finally purchased your program . I have been on and off facial exercise programs for years and it has always been tedious and in the long run not so effective.  Your program is easy to follow and I think I can tell my eyebrows seem lifted! Also I love your hands on dedication to your program and being available for us to ask questions.
A big thank You!  Tina O.

TESTIMONIAL: Caroline here in lovely Ireland - I am new to face magic over last couple of months and just wanted to tell you how much I love it, especially the one on one sessions it’s like meeting up with a friend and coming away feeling great !! You are so good at the private sessions so natural and you make it interesting explaining what’s happening to the face. Love it , best thing I ever did.
Thank you!

I gladly welcome Fall.

Peace & love,


p.s.  I had the best time baking with my granddaughter…
here’s one of our creations…

"Truth and love must prevail over lies and hatred," Vaclav Havel

September Skincare Special

Cell Renewal Repair Cream and Cell Renewal Beta Cream 

These fabulous creams will enhance your face. They’re highly moisturizing and soothing. In fact, we say these two creams are Intensive Moisturizers that are rich in Vitamin A that protect against free-radical damage. Use the Repair Cream for day alone or under makeup. Beta Cream is perfect for nighttime. Your face will noticeably retain moisture after just a few uses.

Retail:  $55.00  Sale Price:  $45.00







I am your Personal Anti-Aging Face Trainer.

Whether you're getting ready for a high school reunion, a wedding, an important business get-together or you just need help getting started with your program, now you can exercise your face with me personally acting as your trainer at least 3x per week.

Each class runs about 30 minutes, You choose the time of day that works best for you and we will perform all 18 exercises.

The fee is **$25.00 for 1 Month**. It's the best investment in you because your face will look and act younger and younger. You will love your results - I promise!

You must have purchased a Facial Magic DVD kit to participate in this class.

4 weeks of training for $25.00!

“See yourself through the eyes of the angels, who observe the goodness and beauty within you.” —Doreen Virtue


Diabetic Ultimate Beauty Guide

Diabetes creates special needs, especially if you want to maintain a healthy, radiant body. Jackie Silver, creator of, has written a clear and concise 25 page booklet to help you and your loved ones develop balance and clarity with this health condition.

This is what one reader said: “I just read your booklet. It’s really great! So much information, well written and clear to understand.”

Cynthia is the only Beauty Expert that is available to speak to you personally.

Facial Magic Before and After Victoria

Facial Magic Before and After kathryn