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Hello Everyone,

March is here and in Oklahoma March has come in like a lamb. You may or may not know that the song lyrics are true:  The wind comes sweeping down the plains. Boy oh boy! The winds here can “gust” to 40 mph on an average day! Wearing lipstick and gloss can be challenging, especially when long hair is worn. And, protecting your face from the red dust means that using moisturizers, SPF 30 and foundation is important to keep those fine particles out of your pores. Which brings me to this:  Do you double wash your face?

 Have any of you used Hemp Oil for pain or treatment? There is a new CBD store here in OKC that sells Non GMO Hemp Oil Tinctures and balms without THC. I bought a bottle of liquid hemp oil to use daily and I will continue to explore how these tinctures and salves are providing pain-free and dis-ease free scenarios to others. Personally, I do not take any pharmaceutical drugs but I do consume quite a few vitamins so for me, using hemp oil is a preventative measure. Did you watch the documentary, The Sacred Plant?

I have to brag. Here is a photo of my sister heading out to a Marti Gras gala – can you tell she is a faithful Facial Magic user?  My hope is that you will let me train your face by subscribing to our monthly online training classes. If you are a verified Facial Magic client that has purchased the DVD or video training, you are eligible to train with me so that your face becomes smoother, lifted and better contoured.

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March Skincare Special

Eye Cream and Day Cream w/ SPF




I am your Personal Anti-Aging Face Trainer.

cynthia rowlandWhether you're getting ready for a high school reunion, a wedding, an important business get-together or you just need help getting started with your program, now you can exercise your face with me personally acting as your trainer at least 3x per week.

Each class runs about 30 minutes, You choose the time of day that works best for you and we will perform all 18 exercises.

The fee is **$25.00 for 1 Month**. It's the best investment in you because your face will look and act younger and younger. You will love your results - I promise!

You must have purchased a Facial Magic DVD kit to participate in this class.

4 weeks of training for $25.00!

Our online training classes continue to grow and here is a testimonial from Bev in GA:

“The classes were wonderful. Best $25 that I've spent in a long, long time!”

From Toni in CA:

"Your last two classes were amazing.  I just love, love, loved them.  They were so jam packed with worthwhile pointers on positioning, enthusiastic coaching, and interesting personal anecdotes.  They were so much fun. I can’t wait to do them again."

From Gale S.:

"I have loved your product for years and find the new online training sessions such a wonderful way to stay on task.  Through the years I have not always stayed on top of the program but with these classes that has much improved."


Diabetic Ultimate Beauty Guide

Diabetes creates special needs, especially if you want to maintain a healthy, radiant body. Jackie Silver, creator of, has written a clear and concise 25 page booklet to help you and your loved ones develop balance and clarity with this health condition.

This is what one reader said: “I just read your booklet. It’s really great! So much information, well written and clear to understand.”

“See yourself through the eyes of the angels, who observe the goodness and beauty within you.” —Doreen Virtue


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