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The Harsh Ozempic® Faces

By Cynthia Rowland | May 1, 2024

Premature aging, accelerated aging and the harsh, Ozempic face has been featured in many articles as we see once handsome and beautiful faces affected by extreme weight loss. Oh sure, carrying a few extra pounds means your face might look a little fuller or rounder but your beautiful face can appear dramatically altered when you…

Taurine Wins!

By Cynthia Rowland | May 1, 2024

Dietary supplement, Taurine, has been designated a special award lauding healthy longevity as an “antiaging intervention” according to the latest edition from Life Extension® magazine. Antiaging and healthy longevity in the same sentence when describing the attributes of Taurine means that this amino acid can likely make a significant difference in how your body ages.…

6 Steps to Get Your Face & Body Ready for Summer

By Cynthia Rowland | April 1, 2024

Versatile, Reliable, Sensational Castor Oil

By Cynthia Rowland | October 1, 2023

Is Castor Oil the “perfect” oil? Growing up, we probably remember the horror stories of taking a tablespoon of castor oil to ward off whatever ailed us. But, what if you don’t have to ingest it to receive the many health benefits it offers! There are a multitude of uses for castor oil and it…

Your Brain on Drugs, Margarine, and Sugar

By Cynthia Rowland | July 31, 2023

Your brain is under siege. Yes, pharmaceutical use, eating margarine rather than butter and binging on those sugary, gooey pastries can likely influence not only your brain, but also your overall health if you continually walk this pathway, choosing destructive habits. Add daily stress to this mix and you have a cocktail of misery because…

Awaken to Taurine for Better Health  

By Cynthia Rowland | June 30, 2023

Taurine is a naturally occurring amino acid that most every man and woman’s body uses to reduce inflammation, decrease blood pressure, and taurine protects arteries from fatty plaque build-up. These anti-aging benefits contribute to better health. Dr Mercola recently wrote Taurine May Be Key for Longevity and Healthier Lifespan and his article wasso compelling that I immediately…

Feel Better Every Day

By Cynthia Rowland | May 29, 2023

This title is the mantra of everyone who cherishes their health. Imagine feeling better and better every day – alleviating aches and pains, enjoying more mobility without joints creaking or snapping. Easily enjoying and participating in your favorite physical activity or sport is the desire of all whiles walking with head held high and a…

Urinary Issues Can Plague Anyone

By Cynthia Rowland | April 28, 2023

Did you believe Kegel exercises would be enough to keep your bladder youthful and under control so that there would be no issues with control? Frequent urination, the kind that strikes during the night or even in the daytime, is just one malady that challenges us. Perhaps a bladder injury with stitches is to blame…

Cabbage – It’s A True Beauty Food

By Cynthia Rowland | March 27, 2023

Who would have thought that a tightly wound green head of cabbage would be so beneficial to our health? Cabbage is from the family of broccoli and there are lots of cousins in this family and they all provide health giving nutrients to those who include cabbage as a regular menu item. Surprisingly, this vegetable…

Keeping Yourself Young

By Cynthia Rowland | February 28, 2023

Life Extension® is a great resource for healthy living. Their writers keep the readers informed on many levels of nutrition, supplements and timely health tips. Keeping young requires a mind-set that prioritizes fitness and healthy eating. Most often, healthy living requires supplementation because our diets and our food supply has been sabotaged with chemicals and…