Recession-Buster: Can Help YOU Save $$ on Gas, Credit Cards & Cell Phones!


I just heard about this new website called that provides a free online service that will help you cut your regular expenses by finding you the least expensive cell phone plans, credit cards and now is launching something fabulously new- how to find the least expensive gas stations on your typical route to work and errands! is a free personalized savings advisor that helps consumers make smart, money-saving decisions on services you use daily (credit cards and cell phone plans) today launched a new savings recommendation feature for gasoline, available at’s new route-based gas savings tool gives personalized recommendations for the cheapest gas at stations along drivers’ regular commutes. The tool calculates the true cost of getting the best price on gas by finding the cheapest gas station and accounting for the cost to drive to the station. By integrating the service with Google maps, BillShrink is able to scout deals along consumers’ routine drives–from home to the office or from home to school to grocery store, etc. This is an incrediblly useful too that everyone should be using!


According to CEO, Peter Pham,

“Given today’s economic climate and that gas prices are continuing to fluctuate because of low oil costs, it is more important than ever for consumers to shop around and save,” He goes on to state, “Our new gas savings calculator sends our budget savvy users alerts so they can find the cheapest gas along their regular drives. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for them to keep saving.”

Frequently asked questions:
It’s free? Really?

It is. Absolutely free. Billshrink created the technology to collect and present unbiased, comprehensive information so you can see for yourself which options are best for you and why. We rank plans only by the parameters most people care most about – the total cost and the match to your individual needs. And, we always allow you to see how we calculate each recommendation. Just look for the question mark icons.

Which is more current — BillShrink or my service provider’s website?

BillShrink returns exactly the information available on your service providers’ site and others — so you can make apples-to-apples comparisons. Did you know there are more than 10 million cell phone plans and add-on combinations? Or, that every credit card has over 100 variables? We’re obsessed with tracking all the details about everyday services, every minute of every day — so you don’t have to.

What about hidden fees, switching costs, or service levels? Did you think of that?

Um, yes. BillShrink understands that service providers have no incentive to help you save, but we do. BillShrink is interested in the total cost of a service — with all the hidden fees, add-ons and promotional benefits. Any one of these variables may be relevant to you and may save you money.

How do you factor for the strength of coverage provided by the wireless carriers?

All cell phone users expect clear call quality from their wireless service provider. A key aspect of our plan recommendation service is to analyze how each carrier’s network is expected to perform in the locations that are important to you (home, work, commute, etc). The signal strength ratings we provide are based on network coverage information published by each of the carriers.

Savings alerts sounds a bit like spam. Is it?

A personalized recommendation for saving more money based on your individual needs doesn’t sound like spam to us. Our savings alerts keep you updated on a change that affects your ability to save money. Our goal is to build a long-term relationship with you, our user, to make sure you’re never overpaying.

What if I need some help?

Hey man, don’t we all need some help? But if yours is of the “Am having trouble using BillShrink” nature, you can reach out to us at

It’s smart to be aware of the various ways you can save money. To ignore your budget

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