Never Give Up – Your Face Will Look Better & Better

After caring for her immigrant parents for years, this trauma nurse decided it was time to care for herself. She joined a fitness center, began a fitness routine, then became a gym rat, working out almost daily and walking several miles each day.

Realizing that her face needed help, she began searching online using words that included “sagging face skin”. Janet discovered Facial Magic®. 

She ordered the training, somewhat participated in the online classes but her results were disappointing. 

Why? Several reasons but not wearing the exercise gloves, not following the prescribed order to rebuild the face and not being consistent with any of the exercises were the main reasons that contributed to her lack of success. In fact, she was skipping around, thinking that if she just exercised the areas that she knew were failing she would get results. She didn’t. Her words: “I just didn’t understand the whole picture.”

Thankfully, Janet called our office. I asked her to email me current photos. The above photo is what I received.

Janet’s face was in dire need of revamping. Loss of collagen, loss of fat, dull skin and many, many large heavy wrinkles encompassed not only her forehead, her mid-face and lower face was spongy, out of shape and heavily lined.

In all my years of working with faces, I’ve only seen one other case like Janet’s. The good news is this: that woman who lived near Denver absolutely revitalized and transformed her face with thicker skin, toned muscles, lifted features and greater confidence. Truth is, I could hardly believe my eyes then and now, I’m so pleased how Janet’s consistency is resulting in a natural facelift! Her face is responding brilliantly to the Facial Magic anchoring and lifting techniques.

Janet has agreed to share her beginning photo with all of you. She and I have been training weekly for six weeks and she is faithful to her program exercising six days in a row, one day of rest.

Her “reveal” will happen soon because we already see remarkable results. 

At her sixth week, we note that her forehead is “losing” the horizontal wrinkles. This is a result of lifting and toning of the tissue. Deep isometric contraction stimulates the production of collagen and Janet’s collagen production is on the rise as her 6th week photos demonstrate. **Those heavy wrinkles that you see in her beginning photo ARE GONE! Now we are working on tweaks to further enhance her face and neck. 

Janet is an excellent candidate – she works out at the gym regularly and is in good health.

Even Howard, a longtime Facial Magic observer calls Janet’s new face “REMARKABLE.” And, we’re not done yet!