eyebrows drop with age

Eyebrows Drop With Age

By Cynthia Rowland | January 19, 2020

Eyebrows drop with age, and if you’ve often wondered how your face is aging, there is a sure-fire way to see this in the privacy of your home. Grab a mirror, place it flat on a table in front of you. Bend over from the waist, look into the mirror and count to ten. This…

facial exercise

Hollywood is in LOVE with Facial Magic!

By Cynthia Rowland | January 18, 2020

Hollywood is in LOVE with Facial Magic! Looking your best has never been easier. You don’t have to be a celebrity to enjoy the benefits of an all-natural, affordable and proven anti-aging facial exercise program. Facial Magic has been widely used by celebs, royalty, physicians, lawyers and politicians who want to maintain their young looking…

Why do we include Retinol in your Facial Magic Starter Kit?

By Cynthia Rowland | January 1, 2020

Cell Renewal Retinol is a potent, age defying treatment cream that improves firmness and elasticity of facial skin. Retinol has been shown to diminish wrinkles, redness and uneven pigmentation. This includes sun damage and age spots. When used according to our direction, redness and irritation, associated with most Retinol use, is usually eliminated because we…

Macular Degeneration Is Age Related – Support Your Eye Health

By Cynthia Rowland | January 1, 2020

Nutrition is EVERYTHING! Eye health and nutrition are a natural! Although there is no cure for this condition, there are steps you can take to alleviate, stop and perhaps reverse this malady. This disease, likely caused by inflammation, and is usually noticed by those over 50 as their vision becomes distorted or fuzzy. The Mayo…


By Cynthia Rowland | January 1, 2020

For anyone who has read my newsletters over the last 20 years, you know that I am a fan of nutrition/exercise/supplementation. I have followed Orthomolecular Medicine, particularly Andrew W. Saul, PhD, and have gained great insight into natural health from his articles. Hit the subscribe link below for regular updates. NO DEATHS FROM VITAMINS. None.Supplement…

tips to stop dry skin

Tips to Stop Dry Skin

By Cynthia Rowland | December 21, 2019

Maintaining moist skin is possible when you follow a few no-brainer steps: – Use warm, tepid water for your shower.– Limit shower time to 10 minutes. (I asked my granddaughters to try      this after observing their 20 minute showers)– Immediately apply moisturizer to slightly towel dried skin to create       a  moisture…

facial magic exercises

Is 30 Too Young, 70 Too Old to Benefit from Facial Magic?

By Cynthia Rowland | December 21, 2019

Many 29 year old gals are looking for the fountain of youth. If you run into any of them, point them to Facial Magic to save their beautiful faces. Rather than choosing a lifetime of plumping and paralyzing injections Facial Magic will assure you that your face will likely never need harmful interventions. Beginning Facial…

Eyelashes – Thick, Gorgeous Lashes or Not!

By Cynthia Rowland | December 21, 2019

Do you long for thick, gorgeous lashes to complement your beautiful face? Are your lashes too short and seemingly unwilling to grow? There are lots of suggestions to grow thicker, more lush lashes via the internet. Some of them will not work…some will blur your vision and leave you frustrated. I have one of my…


By Cynthia Rowland | December 1, 2019

Tonight was the first time in awhile that I had a look at some of the success story photos. Much as I like and depend on your system, it\’s disheartening to see photos of obvious face lifts. Why don\’t you own up to which ones are the faces of women, or men, who\’ve never had…

Chronic Inflammation and You

By Cynthia Rowland | November 30, 2019

Want to feel older than your years? Let chronic inflammation take control of your body. No kidding, the foods we eat, the liquids we drink, our lifestyle choices and even the chemicals we are exposed to will create lasting inflammation in our bodies. Chronic inflammation can show up as dis-ease. Heart disease, IBS, cancer, diabetes,…