Are You a Slacker?

Do you skate by doing only the minimum? Do you pay attention to detail or…
…Do you constantly have to be reminded or told repeatedly what your responsibilities are?
How is it that irresponsibility can work long-term for anyone? No wonder we see a lot of unhappy people…it’s because people do not live in their word.
Let me introduce you to my recently deceased aunt: Naoma Glee (Dillingham) Snow.
We called her Aunt Babe. How she got that handle is anyone’s guess. Aunt Babe was 96 years old when she passed. She lived out in the country alone with her stray dogs and cats. She was a force of nature and at her funeral, I learned something truly remarkable about her.

First of all, Aunt Babe was a doer. She seemed to be in ten places at once – hospital visitations, church responsibilities, grandchildren, great grandchildren, Leonardo’s, helping those less fortunate in untold ways while caring for those in hospice care. Her cell phone rang a lot.
Before she passed, we attended her first cousin’s funeral. Aunt Babe and Wanda grew up within a mile of one another in the country. They were life-long friends and were deeply connected. As Aunt Babe and I held hands throughout Wanda’s ceremony, we both sensed her time to leave was fast approaching.
And leave she did. Boom! She was gone in less than 60 days. She fell on a cold day in December while outside feeding her cats. She never regained consciousness.
At her funeral, we learned that Aunt Babe helped a Registered Nurse charter Hospice in Enid, OK. That RN and the minister from the church shared that one of Aunt Babe’s biggest pet peeves was to hear, “That’s not my job! “
Another tidbit I learned…Aunt Babe was asked why was she so nice to everyone? She told her minister that she had treated her own mother horribly and regretted her decision to do that so to atone she promised herself that no matter what she would always abide by the Golden Rule and treat everyone as she wished to be treated.
Aunt Babe was very mischievous, strong willed, loving, kind, a fabulous cook, generous and truly caring but stern. She could find the positive in every person or situation and she was able to do this because of her strong Christian faith.
Loving Aunt Babe was easy!