Are you chronically dehydrated?

How do you define chronic dehydration?
I say if you are not drinking ionized, mineral-rich alkaline water, you actually may be dehydrated.
Drinking water daily is vitally important to maintain health. Our bodies require a certain amount each day so that everything works efficiently. Drinking ionized alkaline water can deliver up to six times more cellular hydration over regular tap water. According to experts, this type of drinking water is the best drinking water available.
Why? This type of water contains anti-aging properties.
Do you suffer from joint pain? Skin disorders? Premature Aging? Constipation?
If you answered yes, then you are likely not drinking enough water to keep the fluid level in your body at an optimum level. Some experts suggest everyone drink 64 ounces of water and that’s likely a great suggestion because if you are drinking water – NOT TAP WATER, your body will begin to respond in the most amazing ways.
Premature aging has long been on my radar. From a young girl, anti-aging fascinated me. My mother sold Shaklee vitamins so I learned that vitamin therapy, exercise, minimal alcohol and hydration were very positive combinations to stop aging. Diet and lifestyle have always held a very positive influence on me.
Premature wrinkling is a hallmark of dehydration. If you’re under the age of 40 and you’re seeing visible signs of crinkly skin, wrinkles or sagging skin, you need a hydration intervention/rescue. If you’re over the age of 60, then maintaining hydration levels are a must for you to avoid physical setbacks.
Without water, elimination can be sluggish, even painful. Toxins can build quickly and that can mean weight gain, lousy looking skin, possible infection and even acid reflux.
Without water in your system, being chronically dehydrated shows on your face as it withers. Same happens with our internal organs. From the inside out, you can change your appearance. Look and feel better by drinking more water…it’s good for you!