Craving Chocolate? Are you Magnesium Deficient?

Has chocolate become your “go to” comfort food when you are irritable or tense? Does a bite or two of yummy, smooth, melt in your mouth chocolate ease your anxiety? If so, you may have discovered a remedy to thwart magnesium deficiency.

Most of us have suffered stress. In fact, we’ve endured months and months of uncertainty and untold stress as a result of unanticipated mask wearing, social distancing, 15 Days to Slow the Spread, lockdowns and the threat of lockdowns. Even worse, the surprise of untested, experimental jabs being foisted onto many unsuspecting participants certainly increased stress levels to ‘chronic’ stress.

Suffering from stress has been linked to a multitude of illnesses. Whether your stress is work related, financial instability or paying ridiculously high gasoline prices, stress can literally take your breath away as anxiety and depression corral your thinking.

Some stress-related maladies are treated with pharmaceutical drugs. These expensive pharmaceuticals may not be necessary If you ask your health care provider to assess your magnesium level via a blood draw.

Otherwise, easing those stress-related incidents is as easy as researching how one specific form of magnesium was found to be superior in raising brain levels of magnesium. Magnesium Acetyl Taurate, in a human study, was shown to reduce a multitude of symptoms. Relieving stress and becoming calm is the goal and the remedy is natural.

There are four common magnesium forms:  Malate, magnesium sulfate, oxide and citrate. According to the study, the Taurate group tested significantly higher than others in the brain study of magnesium. 

Magnesium is essential to ward off leg cramps, cardiovascular disease and numerous health challenges. There’s evidence that if you’re a coffee drinker or you like adult beverages on a regular basis or you take certain medications, that you just might be depleting what magnesium stores you have. Can’t have that!

For less stress, better health and more fun, eat chocolate!