How Do You Hold Your Face?

If only you could watch yourself 24/7…I mean, if only you could watch your face 24/7, you would be shocked at your “resting b—-h face” and how utterly unattractive and tired your face can look.

That’s right. If you place a mirror where you spend a lot of time (for me, it’s my desk) to observe how your face responds to telephone conversations, personal conversations or how your face appears when it’s inactive (watching tv. driving), most likely you will be shocked at what you see on a regular, continuing basis.
If the muscles in your face are lax, sagging will become apparent when your face is still. Most observers will see eyebrows dropping and mouth corners drooping. This type of sagging, if allowed to continue, will produce a detrimental look – the look of old.
The “fix” is easy.
No, it’s not surgery with seams, drugs, bandages and pain.
No invasive injections filled with toxic, dangerous, even poisonous substances.
No electro-stimulation.
No silly masks or other scary contraptions.
Rather, thumbs and fingers can correct an aging face in just weeks!
Here’s how: Facial exercise.
Not just the run of the mill contortions, twists, puckers or funny faces that are commonly touted as facial exercise – These types of facial motions are likely to cause wrinkling.
Repetitive facial re-shaping without specific anchoring first, then contraction techniques, will usually lead to disappointment because the desired results of lifting, toning and tightening will not be met.
Tiny facial muscles support the look and wear of your skin. If the underlying muscles have lost their oomph, your skin will droop. Gravity is a factor, so is sun damage. Soft facial muscles need nourishment and strengthening that only facial exercise can provide via oxygenated blood and a proven routine.
“If you think about it, this makes sense medically. When you exercise your body, you’re going to tone and tighten those muscles, so why not apply the same principals to your face? If you stay with the program, it should work indefinitely. Whether you’re 30 or 70, you’re going to see a definite change from using Facial Magic. I’ve seen the results, and it works!” Mark Berman, MD – California