Is Your Young Face Beginning to Sag?

I get it! You think a sagging face is not in your future! After all, just look at all the avenues available to you to keep and wear a youthful face for all your days. A sagging face only shows up when you’re over 40, right?

Believe it or not, collagen and elastin are produced abundantly in your body from birth to about age 25. Then, at the very age when you appreciate how beautiful, toned and tightened your face is, collagen and elastin production begin to wane.

At first, a very subtle sign, like “11’s” may develop between your brows. And, it is quite possible that you are seeing horizontal lines develop as you frequently lift your eyebrows while conversing. These two conditions are all a result of a sinister reckoning with Mother Nature.

Repetitive motions like squinting and frowning must be stopped now. The fine lines and wrinkles you see now around your eyes as you smile and laugh will in time become full-blown crow’s feet. 

Your beautiful face is a result of taut muscles under your skin. When those muscles begin to soften and shift from disuse, you see changes that contribute to the look of old.

There’s more. If you don’t begin a facial fitness regimen at the age of 25, your face will begin to resemble your older aunts and elders. Many gals lament that even though they love, love, love their mom, they can hardly believe their face will develop like hers.

Oh sure, many anti-aging docs recommend paralyzing injections begin at the age of 21 but those toxic substances can have detrimental consequences and terrible side effects. 

The expense of cosmetic procedures is immeasurable. It’s not only an economical expense long-term, but what about your face? Common side effects like droopy eye brows, flu-like symptoms and even bruising can be visible days after the injections. Not pretty.