Our Plump and Smooth Mask Acts as a Face Primer!

This mask just might be the perfect face primer! 

When we apply makeup, we want the application to produce flawless skin. Right? There are steps to achieve this look and they begin with a clean face. 

One aspect of a clean face begins with double cleansing not just our face but our neck and down into our upper chest. Do I double cleanse every night? No. Showering almost daily alleviates the need for double cleansing but foundation can be stubborn so double cleansing a face is warranted at times. 

Having a super clean face is the perfect time to remove unwanted hair. An over abundance of facial hair coupled with dead, gray skin cells accentuates the look of a maturing face.

The Plump and Smooth Mask is a soft cream and it effortlessly glides onto your face, creating a most desirable result – smoother, plumper skin. Using this specially constructed peptide cream before make-up application means your makeup will still look good hours later as this product helps set your makeup.  

Experimentation has taught me that we can apply Plump and Smooth over other treatments – glycolic, Vitamin C, etc. Allow the treatment product to rest and absorb into clean skin then apply the Plump and Smooth. You’ll instantly see how these products enhance your skin. Immediately you will notice how hydration is improved while fine lines and wrinkles are plumped. Now you can apply your foundation.

Plump and Smooth Product Benefits

  • Protects and strengthens skin
  • Skin is immediately plumped and smoothed
  • Super hydrating
  • Excellent post peel treatment

Want even more results? Try this overnight:   Apply retinol on clean skin, allow this to penetrate, then cover with Plump and Smooth, wearing both products overnight. Gently cleanse the products from your face the following morning then treat the area with one of our Vitamin C products, Glycolic Polishing Gel and the Plump and Smooth treatment.

Treating your skin has never been more reliable! Using products that synergistically work together means your skin benefits in the most amazing ways. You see and feel the differences of using fine, superb quality products almost immediately. How do I know? Client’s order and reorder…