What Will Your Face Look Like in 2023?

Looking in the mirror can be a real bummer, especially when you see a not so youthful face looking back at you.

Somedays your face looks better than ever, other days not so much.

Double chins, sagging cheeks, hooded eyes and a lumpy jawline can cause a great loss of confidence but the key to avoiding feelings of inadequacies is to become proactive. 

Let’s say you’ve turned 30. Most likely you are seeing or will see frown lines between the brows and your upper eyelids gradually losing their oompf. Your eyebrows look droopy, there’s puffiness under the eyes and every time you smile, you notice crinkling around your eyes.

There’s more – Between your 30’s and 40’s is when you will see that your lips may begin to lose fullness. The faint lines between your nose and your mouth are becoming full-blown folds as the apples sink and disappear toward the lower mouth.

As you age, your facial muscles soften and lengthen because of disuse and gravity. Your facial skin becomes lax and then lined as elongating facial muscles pool, then push into other muscles. 

Consider your forehead – that vertical muscle lengthens over time. There’s only one way for this large, heavy muscle to shift when it loses its vitality and that’s south…downward, pushing right into your eyebrows. 

The heavy cheek muscles also lengthen and as dimples form at your mouth corners, hopefully, you realize that your once graceful jawline is about to undergo a vast and dastardly change bringing on the dreaded wattle and a loss of firmness that results in a double chin appearance.

All the serums, potions and topical anti-aging products will not change or alter sagging facial muscles. That’s an inside job made for Facial Magic® facial exercise. 

The Facial Magic exercise routine will teach you the amazing secrets to a youthful face. Each exercise requires 35 seconds of contraction that will lift brows, cheeks, jowls, pouches and more. Free online training is a part of each purchase. In 9 – 12 weeks, you’ll be wearing your new and improved 2023 face!