Personalized Facial Magic Training Series


Personalized training with Cynthia.

30 minute sessions

Maximizes results fast!


12 Weeks of One-on-One Training with Cynthia

Training your face with Cynthia as your personal face coach produces amazing results.

Within minutes of Cynthia taking control of your face, you will see and feel tightening and lifting of stubborn areas you thought were never going to look youthful again.

Each 30 minute class, fully recorded for that week’s exercises, teaches individualized finger placement that immediately targets the areas of your face that cause you angst.

Space and availability are limited.

  • “Hi Cynthia, you really made my day! I am forever grateful for you and what you do.  Thank you so much!!”  Karen
  • “What fabulous news!  The best guidance demonstrated by the very inspiring best there is!!!!” Mary


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