I began doing the complete Facial Magic regimen in December of 2005. I did it every day for 3 months. After approximately 2 months a friend, a portrait artist who really knows faces, noticed the difference. She noticed on her own that I looked younger. I said I was doing Facial Magic and she said she wanted the tape. My friend said I looked brighter, younger and refreshed. She observed a tightening where subtle sags had been starting. Even after cutting back to once a week I noticed that I maintained my new, younger look.
Brad Allen is a decorative painter from Canton, Ohio. His company, Brush Magic, does all types of faux finishing, marbling, and woodgraining. He loves matching up old woods and marble in historic renovations. He has done extensive work in the National First Ladies Library and Museum in Canton and works in many of the finest homes in the area. Lately, Brad has been reexploring his acting, singing, and dancing abilities and is developing a one man show in which he plays elderly people and puts the inevitabilities of aging in a humorous light.