I was so glad to receive your message this morning as it reminded me that I really want to thank you very heartily for something!
The “something” being the eyelid/eyebrow lift exercise on your website. I am a young 41 year old, and had a very ugly, noticably drooping right eyelid/upper eye, which made me look as though I had had a stroke. I couldn’t wear eye makeup as this only accentuated the droop. Here in Australia we have a television show called “Ten Years Younger In Ten Days” which shows couples undergoing all kinds of cosmetic, surgical and non-surgical treatments to make them look younger. Often one feature would be drooping eyelids which would be “treated” with surgery – trimmed away and sewn back into place without the excess skin. Pretty horrible but I was actually longing to undergo this procedure, as it seemed like my only chance of ever looking my age (or younger) again!
Then I came across your website, and tried that exercise. After SIX DAYS my eyes were perfectly symmetrical again! I can hardly believe it! Thank you for saving me thousands of dollars, the danger of unnecessary surgery, and much self loathing 🙂