I ran into a friend from college I hadn’t seen in many years and she wanted to know if I “had work done”…good one!
Even if your wonderful exercises didn’t exist I was warned many years ago by my naturopath, now the famous Dr. Peter D’Adamo of “Eat Right 4 Your Type” fame that any type of surgery, any cutting is a very bad idea–depletes energy along with nasty risks…and of course it is very expensive also!…unless it is something to save your life, you just shouldn’t think about it.
…and about those 20 somethings?…I don’t date them…nothing in common and just too bizarre…but I do usually date younger men…looking at a couple now who are 47 and 48…I know I look younger than they do and they have guessed my age at 38 and 39…ok!…Yes, I am always thanking you…