I ordered Facial Magic through an infomercial several years ago and have been delighted with the results…I did not take before and after photos but a couple of months into your program my mother couldn’t believe the difference in my face and she has been an Avon representative for nearly 50 years…she is now 93…Her products are great but you really do need facial exercise to get the amazing results…no matter what a cosmetics company may advertise, you must have the exercise in conjunction with the products to get the best result.
I am 54 and most place me in my late 30’s to early 40’s…good genes are on my side too but your program has made me even younger looking!!!…Just the other day a 35 year old man asked me out…What better advertisement is that?
I wasn’t aware of your other products until I went online to find additional gloves…I am so glad that you offer Luscious Lips because I have noticed negative changes in my lips and they need some help!…I’m not an advocate for surgery so this is a wonderful alternative…the cost is very reasonable and there is no pain involved…What more could you ask for?~!
Can’t thank you enough,