I just wanted to share my “Facial magic” story:
I got married recently at age 35. I’d bought the Facial magic sculpting kit a year before, but wasn’t doing it seriously.
A look at the pictures of my engagement party, shocked me into action- I have great genes from my youthful-looking parents, but I’d inherited my Nana’s jowly look around the mouth, and suddenly- BAM! There was Nana’s jowls in my engagement photos!!
I did the facial magic program exactly as the video and book instructed, and was happy to notice the jowls recede and my youthful contours reappear.
But I hadn’t realized HOW much I’d changed until a week before my wedding, when I walked into my parent’s house to greet my sister from out of town, who I hadn’t seen in person for about ten years years (she’s been living out of the country).
She looked at me strangely, and I was wondering why until she finally blurted out, “Did you have plastic surgery???”
She said that I looked better than I had when she’d seen me ten years ago!!
I lapse time to time, but I always come back to my weekly facial magic and always get guessed as younger than my age!
Best money I ever spent!