My name is Sheri Raines and I’ve been using the Facial Magic program for 8 years. I’m now 43 and started using it at age 35.
The main reason for this email though is to tell you something really fabulous! I consulted with 3 Board Certified Plastic Surgeons over the last few weeks. I thought about having a little work done, maybe a endoscopic brow lift some lipo under the chin ….but the Doctors pretty much have refused to operate on me…they are stunned at my age and how firm and toned my face is….one of the Dr’s actually walked in the room, felt my face, looked at me for 1 minute and stated, “I’m not touching you, you don’t need anything done!” He said that I had the facial tone and skin of a 28 year old!!! His assistant was also stunned at my facial tone. She asked me what I had been doing. I told her about Facial Magic and she stated, “KEEP DOING IT”….
I consulted another Doctor about doing TITAN Laser (this tightens the skin)….she looked at me from across her desk and stated, you are too young for that! Your what, 28 or 29?? As she was saying that she looked at my chart and said “wait, you’re 43!?” She could not believe it! I said yes I’m 43 and I’m ready to start some kind of treatment….she was very honest and said ” you would be wasting your money! I’m a very honest Dr and I don’t do procedures on patients who don’t need them” She kept going on about how nice my face looked for my age. She said I should be thankful that I look so young for my age! She suggested some microderabrasion and skincare. I told her about Facial Magic and she stated that it was working for me and to keep doing it!
I do take care of myself in other ways, I eat healthy, exercise, and get plenty of sleep. I don’t drink or smoke. Those things help, but I think the Facial Magic program has really kept my face young!
Regards and thanks for a great product! I also use the Luscious Lips and love that too!