” Can definitely see the value in working with you

one on one.  With your help, I realized the changes I need to make with

some of the exercises to make them more effective.”

Wanted to comment on your exercise modifications.  Really like the way you are having us position our fingers in Exercise 4.  Clamping near the area where jowls can form has really awakened my muscles in that area.

I can definitely feel they have been exercised.  The lines continue to soften, so I will continue to do my exercises. 

People are still telling me I look a lot younger than my chronological years..

Thank you Facial Magic.  And thank you again Cynthia, for continuing to want to work with us to help us look our best.


Last week my husband and I visited friends in  Houston, Texas. (I faithfully did facial magic exercises on my own while there.)  The wife of my husband’s friend is 12 years younger than I am.  She was floored when she found out how old I was.  She thought I was one year old than her.

I had the same reaction at one of the schools I teach at.  The admin. who was looking over my personnel information couldn’t believe it either when she saw how old I was.  She said she hoped she would look as good as I do when she gets to be my age.  Thought you\’d appreciate hearing these testimonies.  Yes, Facial Magic does work.

Best regards,


P.S  While I can do the exercises on my own, it’s much more fun doing them with you.  Thank you again for continuing to do your program.


“Your last two classes were amazing. I just love, love, loved them. They were so jam packed with worthwhile pointers on positioning, enthusiastic coaching, and interesting personal anecdotes. They were so much fun. I can’t wait to do them again.”


Hi Cynthia,

Just wanted to let you know that one of the really bright spots in my day is being able to exercise with you.  Your cheery, positive attitude while doing the exercises  is much appreciated, especially now during Covid.

My father once told me that if you take care of your things, body included, they will last a long time.  I consider your classes an investment in my appearance, and if I continue to do them, I’ll hang on to a more youthful appearance for a  long time.  Thank you again for continuing to provide us with your exercises.  I always enjoy seeing your smiling face.