Facial Magic Exercise Starter Pack


It’s time. You’ve seen the tell tale signs – your eyebrows are dropping, your mouth corners are drooping and your jawline isn’t quite as youthful as you’d like. Facial Magic can change all that and more. Want your face to look more radiant and youthful without invasive and costly procedures? Would you enjoy looking 5, 10, even 15 years younger in just 9 to 12 weeks? Well, you can! I promise – you will look better than you have in years when you exercise your face with me! No need to spend thousands of dollars on temporary injections that plump and paralyze, no need to cut perfectly healthy tissue in the name of beauty. Facial Magic is a natural facelift. A natural solution to stop your sagging face and neck. These easy-to-master, proven exercises are the best facial exercises to revitalize your appearance. Once you learn the Facial Magic secrets, they are yours forever.

Choose easy to learn techniques using the DVD, the audio CD and your Success Booklet in hand or choose our new onDemand program. Results are seen and felt immediately – Your confidence will soar! Your routine takes only minutes a day…every area of your face and neck can be lifted, toned and tightened.

Enjoy our best selling Facial Magic Starter pack. It comes with everything required for you to get started right away to a new better looking you! Imagine, in just minutes a day you can easily rediscover the youthful face you thought you had lost forever – NATURALLY!    Free Shipping in US!  

The Starter Kit includes the DVD so that you expertly know how to perform each movement, the audio CD will aid in finger placement, counting and breathing, the digital Success Booklet with your progress chart that suggests eating, sleeping and other helpful hints and secrets, a 6-pack of exercise gloves, Cell Renewal Retinol Treatment Cream in a one ounce pump ($30 MSRP) and now 8 weeks of online training with Cynthia *FREE* The DVD, Audio CD and Success Booklet are also available onDemand. The gloves and Retinol will be shipped to you *FREE* of charge. (US only).

TESTIMONIAL:  I just want to say how wonderful it was to be able to work along with Cynthia. She is simply beautiful in every way and I never expected anything like this when I purchased the online program. Jenny Sherrell



Facial Magic Exercise - A Facelift Without Surgery.

This kit provides you complete instruction to learn all 18 proven exercises. You will learn how to execute each movement effortlessly. The DVD and the Audio CD teaches you perfect positioning of your thumbs and fingers while learning "the count." The digital Success Booklet includes your progress chart, FAQ's, helpful hints and tips to make this a magical experience. We include a 6 pack of exercise gloves along with a full-size Cell Renewal Retinol Treatment.

Easy to learn techniques to help you look better and better.

Remember - take your beginning photos now and watch your face lift and tighten in just weeks.

Cynthia Rowland's Facial Magic Exercise System

  • Facial Magic DVD or onDemand (English and Spanish) to teach you 18 face lifting techniques
  • 64 page digital Facial Magic Success Booklet
  • The Voice CD with Cynthia's voice, positioning your thumbs and fingers correctly every time while counting the seconds for you.
  • 6 pair exercise gloves
  • Cell Renewal Retinol Treatment
  • NEW! 8 weeks of online training with Cynthia
  • *FREE* shipping

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1 review for Facial Magic Exercise Starter Pack

  1. Cynthia Rowland

    I just want to say how wonderful it was to be able to work along with Cynthia. She is simply beautiful in every way and I never expected anything like this when I purchased the online program.

    I’m heading off to Europe for a holiday and will try and practice this every night.

    In gratitude
    Jenny Sherrell

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