Luscious Lips Lip Pumps – TWO!


Increase your lips size by up to 50%, or just give them a little plump to fill them out! Full, pouty, more kissable lips naturally! Get two fabulous Luscious Lips Lip Pumps at big savings. No lumps, no bumps, no burning topicals! Free Shipping in US!


Our Lip Pumps give Natural Results

Want to increase your lip size but still have the all natural look? Luscious Lips lip pumps are what you want! Increase your lips size as little or as much as you desire, up to 50% bigger and more sensual. Be in control of the suction and therefore exactly how much plump you pump. Go for big pouty lips or just a little plumper to fill out aging lines and instantly look years younger.

Luscious Lips Lip Pumps restore fullness to disappearing lips as it dramatically increases your lip size and enhances your smile. Your lips will look smoother, fuller and younger when you use our innovative vacuum pumps. The longer you use the Luscious Lips device, the longer your sensually plump lips will stay! Longtime users keep plump lips all day. Make-up illusions don't correct the signs of aging on lips. Age flattens and lengthens lips, it also leaves you with a saggy cupid's bow. Luscious Lips invigorates and renews your lips to undo these signs of aging.

When you use Luscious Lips, there aren’t any gooey creams that burn or topicals that contain harmful chemicals. There is no need for doctor visits and consequently doctor bills. Get the lips you want without burning pain or injections you'll have to do again.

Luscious Lips uses a natural vacuum process to gently pull more circulation into your lips. It is painless when used as directed! There is no risk of lumps, bumps or lopsidedness. You simply develop full, pouty, sensual lips. Luscious Lips is safe, affordably priced and natural.

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Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 11 × 2 in


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