Side Part – Middle Part or Bangs

Our crowning glory – our hair and how it’s styled can make or break our “look.” 

Do you prefer longer hair? Most women do because those long, luxurious locks can be associated with youthfulness. But now that summer is just around the corner, are you tempted to trim those glorious tresses and wear a shorter, more dramatic look?

And, are you wearing a side part or a middle part? The middle part and the side part have been quite prevalent within hair fashion for quite some time and this new season just might be the perfect time to shake things up.

How about bangs?

Bangs can be wonderfully youthful, especially when they’re layered in and artfully sculpted. Just look at the ever youthful, drop-dead gorgeous Heidi Klum. 

There are many styles of bangs from which to choose. You can choose wispy bangs or curtain or side swept or arched or retro or micro or blunt or layered or asymmetrical or Birkin (French inspired choppy long) – they can all work to frame and enhance your face.

According to, bangs are more popular than ever!

No doubt bangs require maintenance which means you need to learn how to manicure them so they look effortlessly chic and always cute. There are countless YouTube videos describing how to cut your bangs at home.

Do you initially have your stylist cut your bangs or do you charge head-long whacking away until you get the look that best suits your face shape and style requirements? Tiny snips are recommended.

Some women may find that their bangs require additional shampooing which is quite normal. So easy to just quickly shampoo them and then slightly blow dry them.

Your personal style is important. So is ease and maintenance.

So if one day you look in the mirror and decide that you’re tired of the same old, same old side part or middle part that looks the same day after day, make an appointment with your stylist to take the plunge and go for a new Spring hairdo!