Skin Care

What’s best for sunburn?

Celebrating Independence Day, July 4th, can be so much fun but remember, if you get a sunburn, you’ll want to reach for the Cell Renewal Hydra Aloe Gel to soothe away the pain and discomfort. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, aloe vera can help sunburned skin. The soothing and anti-inflammatory properties are perfect…

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Will Retinol Lighten the Brown Spots on My Face?

Retinol acts like an Avenger for your complexion. When you use Cell Renewal Retinol every other night for six to eight weeks, you will be delighted to see that fine lines and wrinkles are lessened and those pesky dark spots – hyperpigmentation – are practically gone! The six to eight weeks of three times a…

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Spring Beauty Tips

  Spring is fast approaching! Here are some of my favorite spring beauty tips to get your skin radiant in preparation for summer. 1.       Exfoliation is the key to enjoying younger looking, clearer skin. Try this for a DIY exfoliation facial:  Cleanse your face. Dissolve one aspirin in a half teaspoon water. Gently rub it all over…

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Home Spa Ideas

home spa ideas

Get rid of disruptions, and set the right mood with essential oils and candles! Exfoliate. Deep condition your hair. Try a face mask. Use a body scrub. Soothe your feet. Get Vitamin D from the sun. Exercise outdoors. Do facial exercise to look your most radiant.

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7 Ways to Winterize Your Skin

winterize your skin

  The cold winter months can be absolutely devastating to your skin! Here are 7 tips to winterize your skin. 1)      Dry brush regularly. Dead skin can easily accumulate under black sheer stockings and ankle length slacks. Even your upper arms can develop little bumps indicating that exfoliation is needed. Start at your feet and brush…

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3 Steps to Radiant Skin

3 steps to radiant skin

My top 3 steps to radiant skin? Exfoliate, nourish and protect! Exfoliation will remove dead, gray skin cells from your face so that your skin care items actually work. Regular, gentle exfoliation is key and that’s why I use our Hydra Gel Cleanser with 3% AHA when I cleanse my face at night. This highly…

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Go for glow! How to Use Vitamin C Serum

how to use vitamin c serum

Vitamin C Serum lightens and brightens your complexion, returning a youthful glow. It stimulates the production of collagen. Acne scars seem to melt when you use this most amazing  and potent product. We use .75% Ascorbic Acid (this is Active Vitamin C) in the form of Magnesium Ascorbyl Phospate. These properties stimulate skin cell regeneration,…

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Do Skin Whitening Creams Work?

blue eyed brunette with flawless skin

    Get Even skin tone! Get the low down on Skin Bleachers, Skin Lighteners, and Skin Brighteners.  do skin lightening creams work? Some do. Many don’t. Some work a lot faster than others. Ease of use and risk varies greatly. One is poisonous.  Skin lightening is not the same as bleaching. Brightening is not the same…

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Skin Care During Menopause

skin care for menopause

You don’t need a magic fountain to get younger looking skin. Until there is a Fountain of Youth, we’ll need to be proactive to keep our mature skin beautiful. Menopause doesn’t mean you can’t have youthful skin! 10 Skin Care Tips during Menopause Menopause symptoms typically hit women sometime after 48 years old. They range from…

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Foods that are Great for Beautiful Skin

Kiwi and beautiful skin on woman

Beautiful Skin starts with the Inside. Ever heard the phrase, “real beauty comes from within”? Well, it does. For beauty on the outside, you need to eat the right foods that are great for your skin! Most younger women can rely on their abundance of collagen to carry them through as they ride the waves of…

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Better Than A 56 Year Old Sports Illustrated Model

Better than sports illustrated model

This 56-year-old Woman is Aging Backwards! The internet is flooded with the story of the “oldest woman to ever star in Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition” – 56-year-old Nicola Griffin. The latest article features a recent photo shoot of Griffin, complete with her natural freckles, wrinkles and grey hair. “When you get to 56 you don’t…

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How Your Face Ages in Your 50’s and Beyond

Women over 50

Dry skin! Age spots! Wrinkles! Spider veins! Skin tags! Oh dear … if women are living longer than ever, why oh why can we not put off menopause too?  Here is how your skin ages in your 50’s and what to do about it. SKIN CARE 1.  Problem: Cracking Face That’s what it feels like when…

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How Your Face Ages in your 40’s


So 40 is the new 30?  If you were not taking care of your skin in your 30’s, you still can and if you were … then 40 is the new 20! Let me tell you how your face ages in your 40’s. SKIN CARE 1.  Problem: Lack of Hydration Drink water!  Have you read my…

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How Your Face Ages in Your 30’s

pretty woman with skin micro close-ups

Admit it. You love to be carded at the grocery store or at a restaurant. It makes us feel younger, even though we could be an investigator from the Liquor Control Board and the person who didn’t ask, would be fired. I ignore that! Please card me!  Finding out how your face ages in your 30’s…

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How Your Face Ages in your 20’s

How Your Faces Changes in Your 20s

You cannot prevent getting older. As the sand in the hour glass, these are the days of our lives! For real. I love helping people keep their younger face with my facial magic system. How your face ages in your 20’s is my focus this week and helping you take care of your skin and…

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How to Contour a Sagging Face

how to fix a saggy face

MEET A SUPER FAN You want to meet the super fan who turned into a business partner because she was so enamored by how to contour a saggy face using Cynthia Rowland’s Facial Magic System? Jackie Silver was a stalker … … well a stalker/lover of Facial Magic.  She was not a believer at first…

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