The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

There are so many wonderful things to enjoy in the world. Sliced bread is just one convenience we rely on but there is something wonderful that awaits you. 

Yes, we appreciate all the good things life has to offer but then sometimes we realize we might be missing our beautiful, more youthful self – you know, the one that used to smile often, sing, get together with friends and enjoy life to the fullest.

What happened to that person?

Has life changed so much over the last few years?

Confidence in our appearance is paramount in today’s world. We carefully and deliberately choose our wardrobes, care deeply about our hair and its style, and prefer skincare that keeps our face looking youthful – until it doesn’t…

Yes, skincare can fail us because facial preparations alone are not enough to keep our facial features youthfully lifted and toned. 

The shape and contour of our facial features is a result of the underlying muscles. Are those muscles tight and lifted or are they losing their oomph?  Drooping facial features are a result of lax and sagging muscles.

Do you see the tell-tale signs of facial aging?

Check out your upper eyes – are the eyelids tight without crepiness? Do you like the distance between your eyebrows and your eye lashes?

Ever stand in front of your mirror with your fingertips at the side of your face? As you push lax skin up and back into the hairline, don’t you wish your face would stay that way?

Well, there’s hope! Facial muscles can elongate up to one-half inch over time. This lengthening will change the shape and contour of your face. This means your once beautiful face will begin to resemble a much older person as the lengthening presents a rectangular face with jowls and pouches rather than one that was once oval.

Facial plastic surgery can certainly lift a sagging face but what if you are not a likely candidate for such an extreme procedure? Think about it. There’s the financial aspect and then there is the recuperative aspect. Most likely many procedures will be required for you to stop aging in your face. Brow lift, upper eyes, upper cheeks, mid-face, lower face, and neck are the regions that will need attention from a surgeon.

More than just expensive, these procedures are dangerous and carry side effects that may never be resolved. What if you don’t like the results? Revision anyone? Ongoing upkeep of these procedures require deep pockets filled with cash.

To stop facial muscles from sagging, to change the shape and contour of your face without surgery, injections or anything harmful, to look at your face and see a younger version of yourself looking back at you, you must discover the best thing since sliced bread – Facial Magic® facial exercise.

Skincare special:  Smoothing Acid Pads

This is the favorite product of lots of gals! Exfoliate with just a few swipes of these specially treated pads that are loaded with glycolic and lactic acid to make certain your pores look tight. Use once or twice a week. Treat your face to something new and wonderful!