The Frisky Finds Clubs with Sole– Vending Machines Selling Ballet Flats!

UK blog, The Frisky recently featured something we have been seeing popping up all over: vending machines dispensing beauty and fashion items for purchase on the fly.

Here’s what the Frisky blogger had to say about finding Rollasole’s adorable ballet flats in a vending machine!

Whether you’re dancing the night away in Paris, London or New York City, at the end of the night one thing is inevitable besides the dudes clamoring to walk you home: sore feet. Luckily, for us high heel-loving girls there are Rollasoles.


Recently I was lucky enough to be in one such nightclub in London, throbbing feet and all when I realized that the vending machines weren’t selling bottled water, but disposable flat shoes—Brilliant, love!
They come in little balls that roll out into ballerina-type slippers, cost ₤5 (about $7) and includes another bag to toss your high heels into for the drunken stumble home. Creator Matt Horan says he’s got orders from Ibiza all the way to New York coming in and hopes his idea will take off.
So there you go Cinderella, don’t forget your slippers. [Rollasole]

For those of you in the UK, you can find a number of clubs that feature these vending machines on the Rollasole site. Now if they would just bring them here to the US! Here in LA, there are enough places and events where these vending machines would create a queue of girlie girls looking for ways to ease sore feet and make the walk back to the car a much more pleasant experience!! They would be more popular than slot machines in Vegas!

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