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What is “Youth Seekers“?

It’s a blog that allows the “baby boomers”, the almost boomer (younger than) to learn how to maximize your assets and get the best out of your life. Getting older doesn’t mean losing the best things in life, actually it’s the time when you can use the life experiences you have gained and actually put them to work for you– enriching your life and the lives of others.


Sharon Stone speaking for AMFAR Gala, Cannes, France

You can make this the best part of your life– the changes can start today! You can start a healthier eating plan, get more exercise just by adding in a 10 minute per day walk (that’s about 2 blocks and back again) which will get your blood flowing, your heart pumping and relieve stress.

One of the beauties of being a bit older is that suddenly personal enrichment becomes so very important–which is why you are on the internet. You can take classes online or on campuses in a variety of topics. You can learn how to do so many things from gardening to twittering.

What your life is all about is entirely up to you. Age is merely a state of mind. If you are feeling that you are still a thirty something in your mind, then go with that flow and don’t let life pass you by. Start getting involved with people of all age groups and get out into that world. Live, learn, love and have fun.

Designer Kenneth Cole speaking at the Amfar Benefit, Cannes France,

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