Stress and Skin Aging

stress and aging

Stress and skin aging often shows on faces. Sometimes the look of stress can look like a frown. Sometimes stress makes us look tired, cranky, mad and upset. One thing for certain, when you allow stress to continually affect your face, you are destined for down-turned mouth corners and a perpetual scowl. If you have…

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Lift Your Face, Lift Your Spirits

stop eyebrow 11s

Does the memory of your once youthful face make you wish you were 27 again? Wish you could look in the mirror and see your face five, ten, even fifteen years younger? Well, now you can! My passion is teaching facial exercise to every person who allows me to touch their face and here’s what…

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Are You Having An ‘Old Face’ Day?

look younger than your years

You know the look, right? Bleary eyed, sagging cheeks and droopy eyelids – your double chin is working its way throughout the entire jaw area and that wattle is hanging lower than ever. Wearing an old face can be more than a confidence killer as you try to go about your day hoping that no…

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Facial Exercise Expert

Facial Exercise Expert Cover

Facial Exercise Expert What is a facial exercise expert?  It is so easy these days to call yourself an expert.  It’s as easy as just typing the word.  Cynthia Rowland, however, has actually spent years perfecting her craft, studying, training, testing and living what she preaches.  Cynthia helps women and men aged 25 and up…

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Face Gone Weird Syndrome: It’s Not Just Renee

Plastic surgery victims may not always be recognized by their peers. Once the cuts and sutures have been made, your once God-given recognizable face is gone forever. It’s not just celebs who suffer from this syndrome of “face-gone-weird”; everyday women can have the same experience as eyelids are cut, foreheads unnaturally stretched and pulled while…

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6 Hair Mistakes That Are Aging You

Our tresses – we spend money to cut and color every six weeks or so but are we getting the most mileage from this beauty expenditure? Well, here are some very good points to keep you looking younger. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new color, a longer length or even letting your hair develop…

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Is This the End For the Botox Bandwagon?

Just when you thought you might want to try Botox, the experts are warning that an invasive injection of poison may not make you look younger after all. Well, I’m not surprised, are you? Chemical injections have had their day in the sun and it is time for you to realize that using Facial Magic is what will keep your underlying facial muscles strong. Strong facial muscles disguise aging and you will look better than you have in years.

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New Year, New You – With Toned and Tightened Facial Features

Does your new year include a resolution that you want to look like a better version of yourself? Why not start the new year off with a younger, tighter looking face? Have you been unsuccessful in turning back the clock on your aging skin? Have you spent tons of money on cosmetics, creams, treatments and still feel your face has not achieved the results you desired? If so, start exercising your face!

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Jowls, Pouches and Facial Exercise

Do you suffer from sagging facial skin? Have you been unsuccessful in turning back the clock on your face? Have you spent tons of money on cosmetics, creams, treatments and still feel your face has not achieved the results you desired? Stop spending money needlessly and start exercising your face!

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Why your lips deserve SPF protection

by Elizabeth Mitchell PROTECT YOUR POUT You’ve been preached to over and over about the significance of slathering sunscreen on your face and body, but the truth is, the one area that needs it the most is the same area that often gets completely forgotten — yep, that’s right, your pout! Read on to find…

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