The Best Workout for Your Face

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Facial fitness gives you rapid results.

Men, having a lean face with a defined jaw line and chiseled facial features is the most important factor in determining how attractive you are.

Now you can get that lean, chiseled look in just minutes a day with Facial Magic for Men.

Make your jawbone more prominent! Enhance your cheeks. Literally shed excess fat off your face!

Facial Magic for Men includes 18 easy, yet effective, exercises to sculpt 55 muscles in your face and neck, giving you that taut, tightened, chiseled look you want fast.

Forget funny faces, twists, puckers & controtions. You won't find those in Facial Magic for Men. Just scientifically proven resistance exercises that target every muscle in the face and neck to deliver incredible results fast.

With just 35 seconds per set and 10 seconds of rest between sets, you'll rip through this program with all natural, safe, effective exercises. You'll see impressive results in just 30 days, guaranteed.

  • Scientifically proven resistance exercises
  • Easy to learn
  • Just 35 seconds per set
  • No funny faces
  • See impressive results fast
  • Safe, all natural
  • Look younger
  • Banish double chin

Your OnDemand training includes:

  • Video instruction of all 18 exercises (English and Spanish)
  • Audio CD teaches finger and thumb positioning and “the count.”
  • Success Booklet – progress chart, FAQ’s, helpful hints and tips
  • 6 pair exercise gloves shipped separately
  • 8 weeks daily online training with Cynthia – FREE!
  • The Magic of Facial Exercise – All About Natural Beauty