The partnership between us developed from our “sistah talk;" the intimate sharing women do about their faces, their weight, the products they use, the procedures they question and how to always improve their lives. Jackie Silver, anti-aging beauty expert and media personality, has appeared with me several times for seminars and television appearances. She attributes her youthful taut face to Facial Magic. The evidence came when she was carded while buying adult beverages. In the seminars and other appearances I help women to understand that they can create an Ageless Face when they use exercise to turn back the clock…from that we began calling ourselves The Ageless Sisters. We plan to develop our ‘sisterhood’ throughout the world.

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The motivation and goal of the show is to bring health and beauty experts into conversation so that our listeners have the latest and greatest, most up-to-date info, on the many products they see in the marketplace and on the internet. We will always discuss health issues including diet, food, nutrition, medications, psychological issues and meditation, affirmation and more. Wellness in general for maximum health is our desire!

After almost five years on, our show has evolved to a video format. There’s still so much to discuss after many, many radio shows and now we get to see one another via the magic of video.