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Mickie – New York

Mickie’s face slimmed, her chin became defined and the facial folds beginning at her nose smoothed, all from the face exercises designed by Cynthia Rowland! “The results I see in my face of firmness and texture truly gives me a youthful appearance.” Mickie saw dramatic results after only 9 weeks.


Hello Cynthia Rowland Beauty Systems! I have been using Facial Magic since I purchased the videotape, yes, videotape, back in the 90s. I turned 61 last month and still get compliments of looking 10 to 15 years younger. Thank you, Cynthia Rowland! I’ve attached photos for your review.


I found you way back in 1998 in my early 30s.  Fell of the wagon…you know, life… found you once again, now at age 55. I finally took some time for myself this morning (I teach, and it’s Spring Break).  And here are my pics for you.  Pretty amazing! Thanks so much for these videos. …

Karen – Southern CA

I owe it all to you. I just had to share this with you.  I went to a dermatologist to see about getting some spots removed from sun damage.  They really aren’t bad but they bothered me.  Anyway, they do that thing where they take a picture and it shows all of the deep sun…

Sandra UK

Dear Cynthia It was so great to meet you. You are one beautiful lady inside and out. You look so amazing. I just can’t believe the transformation in my face after our session. Its just amazing! I’m so motivated and excited. I would love another session with you at some point. I’m going to definitely…

Bev – Florida

Lifting and toning helped Bev to look years younger. Her cheeks are beautifully sculpted and the lower mouth no longer shows marionette lines.

Kathy Van Dyck – Florida

Kathy’s lower face was suffering from lax muscles and a downward turned mouth. In less than a week, the results were evident. “I am amazed at the difference I see in my photos and in the mirror! When you look at your face everyday, you may not see the changes but when I laid the photos…


Bernice – FL

Bernice told Facial Magic that she didn’t lose an ounce! Her new face is all Facial Magic! “My hanging chin is gone! My friends say I look like I’ve had a facelift! I have! A Facial Magic facelift.”

Linda F

“Facial Magic works! I have been doing it for four months and now am on maintenance three times a week. After I work out my body at the gym I get out my mirror and gloves to give my face a good workout. I see firming in my neck and cheeks plus a smoothing in the…

Lillian – Toronto

Lilian has restored the symmetry and contour to her face; notice the posture improvement and radiance she portrays. She is able to hold her head erect. She loves her new slimmer face!

Betty – CO

Heavy jowls and sagging cheeks made Betty look much older. In only eight weeks, her face is tightened, refined and more youthful. Her eyes are not hooded and her nose is sculpted, too!

Darlene – CO

8 weeks later. She looks years younger. Her cheeks are contoured, smoother and her nasal labial folds are flattened. Her chin and neck are transformed! Her eyes are not hooded, either. Under the eyes and even the nose have noticeably changed. The entire face is no longer elongated. It seems smaller and better defined. Heavy…

Lillian – CO

Lillian looks refreshed and youthful after only 12 weeks. Her head is better supported and her neck tighter. Her jawline is now defined and her eyes no longer have that hooded look.

K Jaffe – Toronto

Kjaffe’s jaw line smoothed, her neck lifted and her cheeks also lifted. Her nose appears smaller and her under eye area has greatly benefited from Facial Magic

Marviene – CA

Marviene came to Cynthia looking for something to reverse the deepening eye bags and lines under her eyes. She found it in 20 days using 1 under eye exercise and the Under Eye Treatment skin care product. “I’ve tried many other products, none of them worked. Thank you so much! My skin looks great and I…


“I’m able to do the exercises with EASE and the muscles are lifting and reacting appropriately!!!! And QUICKLY!!”

Marie – California

Marie’s face was droopy and it made her look old. In just weeks, her face became vibrant, radiant and lifted.


“I started Facial Magic at the end of June 2016.  This program is a God send.  I thank you so much for developing this program and I’ve spread the word to many of my friends.  Thanks again!”

Kathryn – Texas

Kathryn’s cheeks are contoured, her mouth is smooth and wide. The pouches under the sides of her mouth are gone. Facial Magic exercises bring oxygen to the skin and revitalize it! “I’m absolutely delighted with my new face!”

Dr Cyril – Nigeria

Facial Magic facial exercises work for everyone. Dr. Cyril’s laugh lines are smoother, his cheeks are lifted. The area between the eyebrows has melted away. His face is more inviting. “My Best Mirror, my wife, tells me that Cynthia has performed the REAL MAGIC on my face. How satisfying!”


I don’t know if you remember me, but I have TMJ and was having an issue with my jowls/pouches on the left side of my face not lifting like the right side after 9 weeks. You told me to keep on exercising 6 days a week for the full 15 week program. Well, I followed…

Bea – New Mexico

Bea’s face lifted and tightened in all the right places – these are her results at ten weeks. Eye bags and mouth pouches are gone! 


“The results I see in my face of firmness and texture truly gives me a youthful appearance.” (9th week)


Victoria’s profile demonstrates how quickly a face can respond to Facial Magic. Every part of her face has lifted and firmed. Notice the dark circles under her eyes, her laugh lines, under her chin, along her jaw line and the shapeliness of her nose. “Facial Magic does what it says it will do.”


Inge’s challenge was pouches and sagging around her mouth. After using Facial Magic, her cheeks, mouth, forehead and neck are all improved! She could hardly believe her transformation. Inge’s results were in 9 weeks.


“I am 74 years young and have used Facial Magic for over 25 years. Between that and Luscious Lips…I attribute both to helping me look and feel young… two great products!” Hi. Cynthia..the last picture I sent was when I was 74…now 80..and I continue singing the praises of Facual Magic’..Happy New Year!

Diann – Colorado

After Facial Magic: Eye bags – gone! Droopy cheeks – gone! Sponginess – gone! Her mouth is now beautiful with no distractions. Her nose is lifted. Her eyes are prominent. She is vibrant and youthful. “I was beginning to look like my mother and felt invisible! Facial Magic gave me a much younger appearance and…


Hi Cynthia I hope this finds you well. Can you see the difference?  I can.


Loved this free exercise class!  I’m 72 years old.

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I just spent a few days with the fabulous Cynthia Rowland. If her name sounds familiar, it’s probably because I talk about her Facial Magic facial exercise program and Luscious Lips lip pump ALL the time! She was in town to do some seminars, which are always wonderful and well-attended. Plain and simple: Facial Magic…


Hi ! I have religiously performed the Facial Magic exercises for over 8 years. I am now 50 years old and people are stunned when they hear my age. THIS WORKS!


I ordered Facial Magic through an infomercial several years ago and have been delighted with the results…I did not take before and after photos but a couple of months into your program my mother couldn’t believe the difference in my face and she has been an Avon representative for nearly 50 years…she is now 93…Her…


Really works brilliantly! I received the product today. Had it in my mind that it would be useless as I had never really heard of these pumps, but being typical female I will try anything once! Have to say it is fantastic. Really works brilliantly. Great service too from order to delivery stage. Well done…


I live in San Diego and went to your seminar in San Diego. I just retired and while going through my exit interview, the gentleman assisting me kept staring and finally said, “Nicole, you can’t possibly be 67, maybe 50 but that’s pushing it!” This is a comment I enjoy very often. My appearance has…


I began doing the complete Facial Magic regimen in December of 2005. I did it every day for 3 months. After approximately 2 months a friend, a portrait artist who really knows faces, noticed the difference. She noticed on her own that I looked younger. I said I was doing Facial Magic and she said…


I wanted to share a little story with you. I’ve been doing Facial Magic exercises for 10 years. I turned 50 last year and needless to say I happily don’t look my age! During the holidays, I was at a small gathering with three other women I had only met that night. They were all…


I have been doing the Facial Exercises and using your Facial Magic Lift Products now for six years and I am just so pleased with the results. No one will believe me if I tell them I am now 55 years old.


I am very happy to have found your program to use as one of my most successful therapy strategies. I love helping my patients improve their speech production and swallowing skills. Your program is more effective than simple oral motor exercises and it is a wonderful tool for a functional maintenance program. I have used…


I think of you often – I still just love your product and exercise my face as often as I can.


I started doing Cynthia Rowland’s Facial Magic exercises when I was 19 years old. 10 years later, a few months away from being 30, people still think I’m 19!! The facial exercises really keep the face toned, plump, and young looking! It has definitely been my secret to keeping my baby face as I get…


It’s ‘thanks’ to FACIAL MAGIC! I am told, not only do I not look like a grandmother, I look like I’m only old enough to start considering having children! Hahahahaahaha!


Thank you so much, Cynthia – You have made me feel so good about myself and it projects through in so many ways of living life to the fullest.

Marviene – Arroyo Grande CA

The two smiling pictures I send show a 20 day difference of using 1 under eye exercise plus 1 under eye product of yours twice a day – Only! I was not getting 8 hours of sleep, or even 6 on a hand full of nights. I was not concentrated on drinking enough water. I…

Cindy B., Kansas, USA

“I love it!!! It is really nice doing this with Cynthia and Jackie. I enjoy watching them personally do the exercises. I get a better idea of placement of my fingers, etc. This is a great idea, and my face feels great!!! Thanks so much.

Chigozie O., London, United Kingdom

“I watched the training class video and I’m really glad I did because it made me realize some of the things I was doing wrong which I will now correct. It was really helpful. The training class video really helped me to understand what to do in the lower eye exercises l and ll as…

Yvette P., British Columbia, Canada

“I AM THRILLED – tonight was my second session with the ‘Ageless Sisters’. I love practicing along with them – so much more fun than doing it on your own. I have been doing the exercises on my own, albeit, not on a regular basis. However, I cannot believe the difference in my face already!!!!…

Annamarie C., Toronto, Canada

“I really enjoy the classes!”


Several years ago I bought your tape & took pictures as you requested. Well I would try it for 2-3 weeks then quit. This went on every couple of years or so. However I have always drank my water & exercised my body! Well back in August I was considering some cosmetic surgery. Went to…

Candace Z., Oklahoma, USA

“I am really feeling and seeing my face come alive, especially after today’s workout. Thanks so much for making me more beautiful!”

Canadian Beauty

Thank you for everything. Your program gave me the ammunition to smooth out my sags and your extra encouragement gave me the inspiration to keep with it. I saw such drastic and fast results for my upper face, I was thinking I was doing something wrong when I didn’t see the same results around my…

Carolyn P.

Dear Cynthia, I have used your facial magic program for about 8 years. It is wonderful! It has made a beautiful difference in my face. I receive compliments all of the time about how youthful I look. Thank you for sharing your excellent and very effective program. It works and I am so grateful for…


Was I ever glad I had been doing Facial Magic exercise when my daughter filmed me singing. I could really see the difference.

Sherry Z.

I went recently to a Beverly Hills Beauty and Health Fair this month and a girl from a plastic surgeon’s office was putting a lotion on me and noticed how great my facial tone was. She even called over the plastic surgeon to touch my face. …I had her first touch my cheek and she…


As the year comes to a close and I reflect on all the challenges and thank God achievements the year brought my way, I can safely say face magic and getting to know you is one of the best things I did this year ! Life is so hectic and I look forward to the…


It truly is the answer to surgery. By the way, I love the Facial Magic exercises, and I see a difference already in my face. Thanks so much for the gift, and for bringing your product to the world. It truly is the answer to surgery.


I am continually astonished with the results I am seeing from the Facial Magic exercises! My face and neck muscles began sagging in my late 30’s and it always embarrassed me because it made me look older than I am. I am seeing and feeling such incredible tone happening, especially in my neck, that it…


I have now been using your skincare products [Daily Lift, Vitamin C Serum, Day Cream] for one year. I have always had a ruddy complexion from bad acne as a child. Now I really like my skin; it has smoothed and rejuvenated better than I could imagine. I thank you for making a product that…


I attended your class in early October 2004 in San Diego through the Learning Annex. I followed the 12 wk program w/o fail and have continued to do the exercises regularly. It really is true that no matter what brand of cosmetics you use, without exercise for your face, it will not balance your overall…


I ran into a friend from college I hadn’t seen in many years and she wanted to know if I “had work done”…good one! Even if your wonderful exercises didn’t exist I was warned many years ago by my naturopath, now the famous Dr. Peter D’Adamo of “Eat Right 4 Your Type” fame that any…


My name is Sheri Raines and I’ve been using the Facial Magic program for 8 years. I’m now 43 and started using it at age 35. The main reason for this email though is to tell you something really fabulous! I consulted with 3 Board Certified Plastic Surgeons over the last few weeks. I thought…


Thank you Cynthia, you are a dear and I’m certain I can speak for all the women who use your exercises and products, you have forever changed our lives and we in turn want to pass this wonderful secret onto our dear friends and loved ones.”

Help others learn to help themselves

Thank you so much for helping to restore dignity and confidence to women all over the world who will hear your message and exert the energy and discipline to follow-through with consistently exercising their face. I truly believe your main objective in “Facial Magic” is to help others learn to help themselves and regain what…


I just wanted to share my “Facial magic” story: I got married recently at age 35. I’d bought the Facial magic sculpting kit a year before, but wasn’t doing it seriously. A look at the pictures of my engagement party, shocked me into action- I have great genes from my youthful-looking parents, but I’d inherited…


I really can’t tell you how happy (and surprised) I am with the results. Far better than I dreamed. I’m 40, and over the last few years had started to notice deep creases where my “cute” dimples were, or the crows feet around my eyes. I hadn’t even noticed that my eyes were starting to…

And It Is!

It was my quest to find a solution to seeing my mother’s jowls on my face that brought me to your site. 😉 I will admit I was very skeptical — it just seemed too easy.


I was so glad to receive your message this morning as it reminded me that I really want to thank you very heartily for something! The “something” being the eyelid/eyebrow lift exercise on your website. I am a young 41 year old, and had a very ugly, noticably drooping right eyelid/upper eye, which made me…


Thank you so much, at age 35 my face started to sag, did not want surgery, I started facial magic and have stayed with it, I am now 51, and so happy, the product really makes a difference and really works. I use to see your commercials on TV, (that’s how long ago it was),…


Hi Cynthia, I began your exercise program last January, and am so pleased with the results! Over the last couple of years, I’ve noticed my skin beginning to sag. I did have cosmetic surgery to remove excess skin around my eyes, before I knew about your program. The surgery went well, however my lower lids…

Looking Young

I would absolutely recommend Facial Magic and Luscious Lips to anyone of all ages interested in looking young and having full lips! I’d also like to add that Cynthia is a sweetheart and her customer service is amazing as well as her staff!


I have faithfully used your video for 19 years like I told you and I so believe in you and your products. I have had so many people ask me – what do you do to keep your skin so nice and I talk about you all the time. I know the products you use…


Hi, there, Cynthia! I’m writing to thank you for helping me stay young-looking all these years. I discovered your face exercises in 1998 when I was 28 and have been hooked ever since. I’m 40 now and most people think I’m about 30. If you ever need a new spokesperson for Facial Magic, please let…