I am love in action!

Hello Everyone,

This is the month for love – right? Why can’t we celebrate love and all its goodness every single day of the year? What is the heart change that is needed? 

Our thoughts sculpt our words. Speaking words of kindness reaps kindness – words in mind create after their kind. Love yourself, love one another.

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Peace & love,

Stay Fearless!


“See yourself through the eyes of the angels, who observe the goodness and beauty within you.” —Doreen Virtue

Dear Cynthia

It was so great to meet you.
You are one beautiful lady inside and out.
You look so amazing.
I just can’t believe the transformation in my face after our session.
Its just amazing!
I’m so motivated and excited.
I would love another session with you at some point.
I’m going to definitely concentrate more.
Thank you again
Sandra UK

"I am 74 years young and have used Facial Magic for over 25 years. Between that and Luscious Lips...I attribute both to helping me look and feel young... two great products!"


Hi. Cynthia..the last picture I sent was when I was 80..and I continue singing the praises of Facual Magic'..Happy New Year!

I owe it all to you.

I just had to share this with you.  I went to a dermatologist to see about getting some spots removed from sun damage.  They really aren’t bad but they bothered me.  Anyway, they do that thing where they take a picture and it shows all of the deep sun damage and wrinkles, etc., and it compares you to others in the same age group.  I was told that I had skin and wrinkles more comparable to women 15-20 years younger and that I had the best results of anyone that had been in their office.  I owe it all to you.  I feel so blessed to have had you in my life.  I think of you often (even more than the 3 days a week I do my exercises)!  I hope all is well with you.

Warmest Regards,

Karen – Southern CA

Meet Aimee!

"I’m 58. Her daughter met me for the 1st time on Thanksgiving (she is 35).  I owe it all to facial magic;  I’m super consistent❤💯

I’m just about to be 63!

I often think back on the day that I decided to try Facial Magic. I had watched your infomercial for about the third time and there was a picture on there of a woman in a black turtleneck with her hair pulled back into a ponytail. I believe it said she had been doing Facial Magic for a number of years and she was already close to 50. And that’s when I decided this was something I needed to try. I have never regretted that decision. Never will… real light + 22 years of exercise = results!

Lis - Seattle

Words from Toni - USA

You wanted some feedback on  #4 exercise for this week.  Two things I have noticed:  1. The marionette lines on either side of my mouth seem to be softening.  2.  The area  around my mouth and jaw  seems to be lifting and tightening a bit.  I think with continued work, I'll see even more results.  Thank you!


Words from Nicole – Canada

“Colin really notices the differences in my face and wants to give it a try! Specifically he says my skin looks so firm and my cheek bones are very prominent - and both of my sister-in-laws are 10 yrs. younger than me but look 15 yrs older than me!”

 Nicole xo

I live in San DIego

I live in San Diego and went to your seminar in San Diego. I just retired and while going through my exit interview, the gentleman assisting me kept staring and finally said, "Nicole, you can't possibly be 67, maybe 50 but that's pushing it!" This is a comment I enjoy very often. My appearance has greatly improved, far better than I looked 10 even 15 years ago. I'm into your exercises, work out, eat for fitness and dress with a flair... I honestly feel most women, using Cynthia's plan for beauty and common sense, can greatly improve their looks and FEEL better about life each day.

Procedures – all procedures – have risks. Whether it’s laser, eyelashes, injections, surgery and even some topical products there are risks that must be considered. When I read articles describing their injuries, all I could think was that these women only wanted to look better, younger, more refreshed; they did not even believe that something could go very wrong.  My advice to those who are seeking a younger looking face – stick with natural methods like Facial Magic facial exercise. The results will astound you! ~CR

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Customer Service

Dear Cynthia 

It was so great to meet you. You are one beautiful lady inside and out. You look so amazing. 

I just can’t believe the transformation in my face after our session. It’s just amazing! I’m so motivated and excited.

I would love another session with you at some point. I’m going to definitely concentrate more.

Thank you again 

Sandra UK

It was fun and delightful to meet you yesterday and chat & laugh with you Cynthia!

Meant a lot to receive your one on one guidance and encouragement too.

Thank You so much, sweet kind and beautiful lady ❣️


~Sara 🙂

Wanted to comment on your exercise modifications.  Really like the way you are having us position our fingers in Exercise 4.  Clamping near the area where jowls can form has really awakened my muscles in that area.

I can definitely feel they have been exercised.  The lines continue to soften, so I will continue to do my exercises. 

People are still telling me I look a lot younger than my chronological years..

Thank you Facial Magic.  And thank you again Cynthia, for continuing to want to work with us to help us look our best.


One-on-One Training

Training one-on-one means your finger placement will be tailored to your face. What three areas of your face do you want to change? What will motivate you to take action and make these changes? We know you are asking, “…what will this program do for me?”…let’s look at the possibilities: Improve your self esteem, Increase muscle strength and facial tone, Look more refreshed, less tired. Feel and look less stressed. Become very proficient with each exercise.

Online Training

cynthia round

Weekly Training

Whether you're getting ready for a high school reunion, a wedding, an important business get-together or you just need help getting started with your program, now you can exercise your face with me personally acting as your trainer at least 3x per week.

Each class runs about 30 minutes, You choose the time of day that works best for you and we will perform all 18 exercises.

The fee is **$25.00 for 1 Month**. It's the best investment in you because your face will look and act younger and younger. You will love your results - I promise!

You must have purchased a Facial Magic DVD kit to participate in this class.

4 weeks of training for $25.00!

5 Reasons to Jump Start Your Facial Magic Routine NOW!

Your face needs improvement – the doughy, saggy look is not for you!

Facial exercise increases your efficiency because you are no longer procrastinating.

Mental health is improved with regular exercise and that is especially true for facial exercise.

Looking better means feeling better about you and your relationship with others.

Increased self confidence carries over to your career, promotions and even job searches.

From Gale S.:

"I have loved your product for years and find the new online training sessions such a wonderful way to stay on task. Through the years I have not always stayed on top of the program but with these classes that has much improved."

From Bev in GA:

“The classes were wonderful. Best $25 that I've spent in a long, long time!”

Meet Adriaen

“…I had visited a local LA plastic surgeon just a few weeks earlier in May to get an estimate on what it would cost to fix my face. I left his office in a total state of shock after hearing his estimate of $35,000 and that was just for a few basic critical problems, not even the entire face!”…

Adrian’s story is typical – this is what makes Facial Magic success stories so successful! Her results have kept her face beautiful!

Thank you very much for your help!

Please tell Cynthia I love her exercises & have definitely started seeing results especially in the eye area and also the jowls.  I really didn't want to get surgery and end up looking like the joker, which I feel many end up looking like.

Sincerely, Darlene