Hello Everyone!

We welcome September! 

So many ideas swirling about to make Facial Magic zing!

We’re exploring the buddy system, every new client providing photos every three weeks, a chat segment as well as other programs to keep you informed of beauty happenings.

We are kicking off with our Look Better in Photos series of Workshops October 7th. Taking a fabulous selfie requires a few steps and you’re about to learn them from a real pro – FREE!

Stay fearless. Stay centered…breathe!

“See yourself through the eyes of the angels, who observe the goodness and beauty within you.” —Doreen Virtue


I don’t know if you remember me, but I have TMJ and was having an issue with my jowls/pouches on the left side of my face not lifting like the right side after 9 weeks. You told me to keep on exercising 6 days a week for the full 15 week program. Well, I followed…

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Diann – Colorado

After Facial Magic: Eye bags – gone! Droopy cheeks – gone! Sponginess – gone! Her mouth is now beautiful with no distractions. Her nose is lifted. Her eyes are prominent. She is vibrant and youthful. “I was beginning to look like my mother and felt invisible! Facial Magic gave me a much younger appearance and…

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Mickie – New York

Mickie’s face slimmed, her chin became defined and the facial folds beginning at her nose smoothed, all from the face exercises designed by Cynthia Rowland! “The results I see in my face of firmness and texture truly gives me a youthful appearance.” Mickie saw dramatic results after only 9 weeks.

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September Skincare Special

Brighten. Strengthen. Protect.

This fast absorbing, non-irritating Vitamin C Serum is beneficial for all skin types. It is potent with 10% Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate (SAP), Sodium Hyaluronic and Japanese Green Tea. These and other ingredients strengthen and brighten your skin while helping to fight photo aging.

  • Improves dull, dehydrated skin
  • Brightens your complexion
  • Disguises the look of lines and wrinkles

Save $15.00!  Retail:  $55.00   Now: $40.00       Buy 2 and the shipping is FREE!

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One-on-One Training

Training one-on-one means your finger placement will be tailored to your face. What three areas of your face do you want to change? What will motivate you to take action and make these changes? We know you are asking, “…what will this program do for me?”…let’s look at the possibilities: Improve your self esteem, Increase muscle strength and facial tone, Look more refreshed, less tired. Feel and look less stressed. Become very proficient with each exercise.

Online Training

cynthia round

Weekly Training

Whether you're getting ready for a high school reunion, a wedding, an important business get-together or you just need help getting started with your program, now you can exercise your face with me personally acting as your trainer at least 3x per week.

Each class runs about 30 minutes, You choose the time of day that works best for you and we will perform all 18 exercises.

The fee is **$25.00 for 1 Month**. It's the best investment in you because your face will look and act younger and younger. You will love your results - I promise!

You must have purchased a Facial Magic DVD kit to participate in this class.

4 weeks of training for $25.00!

5 Reasons to Jump Start Your Facial Magic Routine NOW!

Your face needs improvement – the doughy, saggy look is not for you!

Facial exercise increases your efficiency because you are no longer procrastinating.

Mental health is improved with regular exercise and that is especially true for facial exercise.

Looking better means feeling better about you and your relationship with others.

Increased self confidence carries over to your career, promotions and even job searches.