Does Smiling Cause Wrinkles?

August 2, 2017

Does smiling cause wrinkles? While repetitive facial movements could cause fine lines and wrinkles, some people go to the extreme of actually avoiding smiling altogether just to stay young looking! Really? In fact, ABC News reported recently that Kim Kardashian says she avoids smiling because it causes wrinkles. The article states, “The Kim Kardashian West selfie …

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Anti-Aging Derma Roller Offered by Cynthia Rowland

July 17, 2017

Anti-Aging Derma Roller Offered by Cynthia Rowland Want your anti-aging skincare items to work better? Well, here’s a new anti-aging dermaroller solution from Cynthia Rowland:  DermaRoller. This handy anti-aging dermaroller boosts your skincare products so that collagen and elastin production is enhanced. The DermaRoller goes after fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars and enlarged pores. …

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facelift without surgery

Facelift Without Surgery with Facial Magic

July 13, 2017

Get a facelift without surgery with Facial Magic. Facial plastic surgery is costly, provides only temporary lifting and it is a risky avenue to use if you want to look younger. Did you know you can enjoy the look of a facelift using only simple isometric exercise movements? That’s right! Without surgery, drugs, scalpels, needles, …

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Beyond 50 Interview

July 6, 2017

What an honor it was to join the June 30 broadcast of Beyond 50 Radio! Daniel asked very smart questions regarding facial exercise and how Facial Magic specifically worked. It was a fast paced interview because he had his questions ready. We discussed how 70 is the new 40 and that wearing a younger face gives …

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stop eyebrow 11s

Lift Your Face, Lift Your Spirits

June 29, 2017

Does the memory of your once youthful face make you wish you were 27 again? Wish you could look in the mirror and see your face five, ten, even fifteen years younger? Well, now you can! My passion is teaching facial exercise to every person who allows me to touch their face and here’s what …

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dynamic women talk radio

Dynamic Women Talk Radio Feature – Facial Magic

June 26, 2017

Dynamic Women Talk Radio – Celebrating vibrant, charismatic women everywhere!  Listen as Cynthia Rowland, creator of Facial Magic and Luscious Lips, joins the panel to discuss two thought provoking segments – “Mean Girls” and “Doubt.”  Women love these types of thought provoking discussions – you just never know what challenges and situations will be thrown …

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summer beauty tips

Summer Beauty Tips

June 19, 2017

Everyone wants to be outside during summer soaking up the sunshine. Here are my best summer beauty tips so that you can stay beautiful while soaking up as much sun as you’d like. It’s not just the outside that counts though, as there are many factors. Diet, nutrition, exercise, wardrobe, and hydration are just as …

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derma roller

What is microneedling?

June 16, 2017

What is microneedling? It has become one of the hottest topics in the beauty world, is a very popular skin rejuvenating treatment right now, and for good reason! Not only does it improve how your skin looks and feels, but it is extremely effective against lines, wrinkles, and acne scars. While microneedling treatments have to …

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Stay Cool in Summer – Tips to Beat the Heat

June 14, 2017

Jackie Silver of Jackie Silver Style offers these stay-cool tips to survive a scorching summer: Work up a sweat! It sounds counter-intuitive – sweating is so heat-related, right? But the purpose of sweat is to cool off our bodies. You not only get the cooling properties, but sweating also has many health benefits, including removing toxins …

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Paralyzing Injections Hurt Young Women

Paralyzing Injections Hurt Young Women

June 12, 2017

  What a racket! Whoever thought, then developed, paralyzing injections that freeze certain muscles using a neurotoxin is certainly a gizzilonaire by now. To think that men and women could fall for such an outrageous marketing gimmick is tantamount to buying a bridge in the Arizona desert. Paralyzing injections hurt young women. Big Pharma and some …

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facial exercise saves money

Facial Exercise Saves Money

June 8, 2017

Many women rue the day that they began using costly injections to plump and paralyze their faces. It sounded so simple – a few injections here and there just hoping to delay and stave off the effects of an aging face. After all, who wants to wear a face that sags and looks misshapen? Facial …

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facial exercise younger face

Stop an Aging Face NOW!

June 1, 2017

Washing your face with love and slathering soothing serums and treatments onto your face will not stop aging. Oh sure, your face will be wonderfully cared for but the real cause of aging – sagging facial muscles – will not rehabilitate themselves even when you apply layer after layer of expensive, youth infused substances topically. …

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Scented Candles Can Pose a Health Risk

June 1, 2017

Researchers in San Diego have investigated various factors that contribute to air pollution inside your home. Guess what they discovered? Trendy candles and air cleaners are the biggest offenders which increases your chance for health issues like breathing and cardiovascular concerns. Burning candles and incense, frying food in oil and spraying cleaning products also increased …

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face looking tired

Are you Looking Tired?

June 1, 2017

  Sleep is a precious commodity and from what I read, many women do not sleep as well as they would like. That includes me. We have a dog and many nights during the night he wants to go outside for an hour or so. He mostly lays on our front porch on guard watching …

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Steak and Red Meat Consumption Could Cause Health Challenges

June 1, 2017

Oh dear, just when I was considering adding red meat beyond my once or twice a year lamb to my diet, I read a most disturbing article saying that 9 diseases and conditions are attributable to eating red meat. Here’s the direct quote from the article: Eating roast beef and lamb increases your chances of …

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Facial Magic vs. Other Facial Exercise Programs

Facial Magic Outshines the Competition

May 30, 2017

Our faces – we have grown up looking at our faces. Throughout our teenage years we fought breakouts and blackheads. Now we look in our mirror and we want to fight the aging we see, and in this Facial Magic outshines the competition. There are very few choices to fight aging.  There is surgery. There …

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