3 Steps to Radiant Skin

3 steps to radiant skin

My top 3 steps to radiant skin? Exfoliate, nourish and protect! Exfoliation will remove dead, gray skin cells from your face so that your skin care items actually work. Regular, gentle exfoliation is key and that’s why I use our Hydra Gel Cleanser with 3% AHA when I cleanse my face at night. This highly…

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Basic Makeup Mistakes Women Make After 50

mature beatuy

It’s obvious that a lot of us require assistance creating makeup techniques to disguise aging – too heavy handed in our applications can add years to our appearance. First of all you need a clean, toned, tightened and lifted face – otherwise you might be disappointed that makeup does not sit well on your face.…

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And the Best Budget Foundation Is…

Here are the best drugstore foundations and L’Oreal takes the top ranking with its budget buy, True Match. I haven’t tried it yet but will head to the drugstore to buy it. I have tried the Covergirl+Olay Tone Rehab and find it a very fine foundation. What’s your favorite drugstore foundation?

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Is PAPER make-up the next big thing in beauty?

Paper makeup? The beauty industry is forever evolving and makeup application has been updated with paper sheets of blush and foundation that resemble post-it-notes. I believe they might work great for touch-ups during the day or evening. Let me know if you try them. Read about it at the Daily Mail.

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Is Snail Slime the Next Big Thing in Skin Care

As a cosmetic manufacturer, we are always wondering what the “next” additive will be in the never ending search for the Fountain of Youth. Snail mucus slime from France just might be the next big thing…kind of gives me willies but then it’s not as jolting as foreskin or beaver behinds. What do you think? Personally, I’ll just stick with Facial Magic because exercise coupled with peptides makes my skin look fabulous.

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Emmy Award Winning Celebrity Makeup Artist – Eve Pearl

Listen to internet radio with The Ageless Sisters on Blog Talk Radio Eve Pearl is a 5-time Emmy Award winning celebrity Makeup Professional with over 18 years’ experience in television, film, theatre and print. Eve is a frequent on-air guest and beauty expert on international and local television shows where she produces highly rated segments…

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