How to Get Rid of Sagging Jowls

how to get rid of sagging jowls

Maintaining a youthful face requires something deeper than skincare.  If you’re over the age of 30, you know what I’m saying is true. No matter how faithfully you care for your face, over time, you will see the gradual loosening of your facial features. This is how to get rid of sagging jowls. This loosening…

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Look Better Than you Have in Years

Yes, facial exercise will provide you the best avenue to save your face without the added expense of injections, surgeries and procedures. Nothing fake about exercise and no surprises – you will look like you only better than you have in years.

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Special Facial Magic Black Friday Sale!

Contact: Facial Magic Customer Service Telephone: 1-800-562-1155 Email: For Immediate Release: FACIAL MAGIC BLACK FRIDAY SALE Facial Magic Starter, Spa, and Bonus Kits 25% Off Los Angeles, CA (November 27, 2013) — For one special day only, Cynthia Rowland’s facial skin rejuvenation system, Facial Magic®, will be available at a 25% off discount.…

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Facial Exercises That Won’t Disappoint

There are many, many facial exercise companies that are not quite telling you the truth. Facial exercise has become one of the hottest commodities over the past ten years and now there are more practitioners touting their exercise programs than ever before. But, are they teaching proven exercises that truly work? To understand how facial…

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Paralyzing Injections – Do Young Women Need Them?

What a racket!

Whoever thought, then developed, paralyzing injections that freeze certain muscles using a neurotoxin is certainly a gizzilonaire by now. To think that men and women could fall for such an outrageous marketing gimmick is tantamount to buying a bridge in the Arizona desert.

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OMG, I Need a New Face for Summer

by Cynthia Rowland OMG! You just caught a glimpse of your face and saw the most distressing sight – a sagging chin and a spongy looking face. What to do when you want to look great for all those summer parties, barbeques and get togethers? Well, you exercise your face! Exercise will tighten the muscles…

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