Dying To Be Beautiful

Dying to be beautiful

Dying To Be Beautiful by Katie Couric Repost of Dr. Malcolm Roth’s message via the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. “In many ways, plastic surgery is still the Wild West in this country. Any physician can legally call him or herself a plastic surgeon. Your family doctor can decide, ‘I think I’ll do facelifts today.’…

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French Women Don’t Get Wrinkles

We’ve all heard that French Women Don’t Get Fat. Apparently they don’t get wrinkles either.

I first met Cynthia Rowland and Jackie Silver at the Fab Over 50 Beauty Bash. They have a radio show together called the Ageless Sisters. But I met a lot of people there, and frankly I was a little overwhelmed.

Cut to: months later, Jackie Silver joined us at Life Goes Strong! But it was when she mentioned her beauty secrets to another one of the team as a birthday present that it clicked for me. What were these exercises she was talking about?

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