Living a successful life, filled with purpose.

how to live a happy life

One of my favorite affirmations is this:  I am restored in body, mind and spirit. The following interview I conducted with Dr. Marina Kostina for Authority Magazine reflects my take on living a successful life, a life filled with purpose, adventure and abundance in every form. Bottom line:  Don’t give up and don’t give in…live…

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The One That Says It All

Growing up as a very active athlete in the Southern California area one of my favorite teams to watch was the UCLA Bruins men’s basketball team. I even had the privilege of attending a week long basketball camp on the campus hosted by the UCLA coaching staff. I remember when I was there the way people at UCLA would speak of Coach John Wooden, he was held in such high esteem by all. He was revered, loved, respected and admired, and not just as a coach, but as a man.

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Inspiration of the week

No matter how difficult the challenges you might be facing, keep in mind that some of the greatest people who’ve lived have overcome incredible obstacles and hardships on their paths to success.

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