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The Ten Twitpic Commandments!

The Ten Twitpic Commandments! Inspired by Twitter-loving stars, the FEMAIL guide to the A-list magic twicks that make those 'spontaneous' shots so #fabulous

These are all great tips to take a more flattering photo but there is a tip that insures that you look absolutely smashing in every photo. This tip comes from Jackie Silver, Agingbackwards.com: “Chin down, now out like a turtle.” I tried this remedy with my elderly aunts when we were shooting at Christmas and they were so pleased that this simple direction created a better angle so that necks and chins appeared taut. They loved their photos!

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Famous People Who Avoid Food

When you are one of those famous people and someone tells you to eat your greens you can tell them to go stick it! Being famous doesn’t mean you are not normal and try to avoid certain foods. In fact you may be avoiding all sorts related to dietary restrictions trying to keep that perfect figure! Food science affects the way we eat a lot these days as well as our food culture and how we was brought up. Some use food as a weapon of war or at least to leverage political means, remember “Freedom Fries” anyone? Anyway for whatever reason lets look at some famous people who avoid certain food.

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