Exercising Your Face – Fact Or Fiction

You’ve looked in the mirror and have decided it’s time to do something for your face. You’re not exactly certain whether you should call the nearest plastic surgeon or take matters into your own hands. After all, this is your face and even though you don’t want to look sixteen again, you do want to do something that will stop those tired eyes and droopy cheeks.

Facial exercise has been in and out of vogue for hundreds of years. There are many practitioners of facial manipulation; so what works best?

There’s yoga for the face that aids lymphatic drainage, needle therapy via acupuncture, contortions and isometric/resistance training. All seem to have one goal and that is to help the user look youthful.

There are many benefits when exercise is used for the face: better posture is achieved as the neck muscles strengthen, a healthier face develops as blood flow is increased and collagen production is stimulated, and the facial skin becomes supple, refreshed and resilient. A facial exerciser will look younger as the sagging skin and supporting muscles reposition and align; the face will firm and lift.

Exercise is natural. It’s not invasive, there is no risk and the only “tools” one needs are the fingers and thumbs.

Facial exercises using isometric and resistance type movements prove best. Why? Unlike other parts of the body, the facial muscles are connected to bone on one end only. The other end is connected to another muscle. In order to achieve a contraction in these muscles, special anchoring techniques are required for the specific muscle or muscle group. Just like exercising your arms or legs, when a contraction of the muscle is created, the muscles shorten and then “plump”. When facial muscles contract this action lifts the skin because facial skin is attached directly to the muscles.

Looking younger is the mantra of most every baby boomer. This generation of “forever young” adults knows the importance of good eat- ing habits, exercising the body and using the finest non-chemical skin care items. Facial exercise fits the bill for anyone wanting to look 10-15 years younger without spending their children’s inheritance. Whether you’re 35 or 70, you will see a difference when you exercise your face.