Facial Exercise Defies Age Discrimination

Aging faces are everywhere and if you want to keep your job, maintain a positive earning power and remain confident in your appearance you might want to immediately begin a facial exercise regime.

It is the truth: Age discrimination is a fact of life in the corporate world.

The once handsome and debonair faces are drooping and that double chin is winning. The once beautiful face is amassing jowls and the resemblance to mother is developing.

This can be the poison pill in the corporate world because old faces can equate to old ideas. For more than twenty years psychologists and HR personnel studies demonstrate that appearance has a great deal to do with making more money and maintaining the status quo.

If you have experienced age discrimination, it’s all about the face because no one looks at your knees and tells you you’re too old, you may want to consider making simple lifestyle changes now before one or two incidents escalate into a serious matter.

There are only a few options when you don’t like your face or your face does not support who you are:

• You can take your two or three week vacation, schedule a surgical procedure in hopes that by the time you are needed back at work, the healing of tissue and bruising will not be tell-tale evidence of your surgery.

• Fill your face with fillers to prop up lines and wrinkles and paralyze your forehead and the region around your eyes.

• Have strings inserted to temporarily hold up heavy cheeks and jowls.

Surgery and non-invasive procedures that involve injecting substances into your face, near your eyes and mouth may initially produce a younger looking face but you must ask yourself, “How many years do I have to do this?”

Is there sufficient testing of the substances to allay your fears of self-poisoning? What if these substances go the way of Vioxx, Rezulin or Seldane? These are only three of numerous drugs that have been removed after years of use when detrimental side-effects are known. This could indeed happen to injectable cosmetic fluids. Scary indeed. It is a fact that about half of new drugs are removed from the market or have significant warnings added to their labels within seven years of release.

The nip/tuck mentality has permeated the airwaves, slick publications and now the internet. Years past only those who were affected by accident or disease would consider having face work and that was in a medical capacity; now, even teenagers are targeted and marketed so they will adopt ideas into their psyche and words into their vocabulary that somehow makes it all okay for them to use plastic surgery and injections to alter themselves.

The irony is that even though surgeries and injections are on the rise, there are no guarantees that the procedures you choose will be

successful. Even the most well-intentioned surgeries can go awry as evidenced at awfulplasticsurgery.com.

As a mature adult, looking healthier and younger is important and you do not have to risk your life to make it happen when you choose exercise over surgery and injections.

Consider this: Most plastic surgery procedures, including injections, will maybe shave off 5 to 10 years from your appearance. Each and every procedure is temporary so repeat procedures will be required. Pumping up your face with fillers and paralyzers year after year is an interesting concept and then supplementing with various surgical procedures may produce strange and freaky results.

That’s why exercise is beneficial for every face because you know what the outcome will be – you will look like you – like you did ten to fifteen years ago.

Sagging facial muscles means droopy skin because the muscles no longer have any oomph to them. Exercise will oxygenate the muscles and that helps your skin to look younger and alive. Lifting is noticeable al- most immediately as the skin and muscles are enhanced with exercise.

Using exercise is a natural and safe alternative to surgical procedures and the results will be better than expected as you see lifting, toning and tightening of your facial features.

Not just any exercise will do. It has been proven that isometric exercise is beneficial for the body. The action of tensing and releasing a muscle or muscle group strengthens them. Target specialized isometrics with resistance using the fingers and thumbs and the face begins to change as muscles reposition.

Imagine having a complete face lift using simple exercises that re- quire only minutes a day. Every area of your face can look smoother and toned. Skin elasticity improves, your features are lifted and your skin glows with radiance.

Your confidence level soars as you feel and see that you look younger than your years. Trim your waist, lift your face, update your hair style and stay on top of your game for lasting success.