Facial Magic: Before & After

Stay Beautiful!

Training your face to maintain its natural beauty is a true beauty trend that will never go out of style.

A message from Cynthia:  Are your facial features changing and do these changes make you look older? These women along with many more have used Facial Magic to look years younger. You've come to the perfect right place to look better and better. Here's what they discovered in 9 to 12 weeks:

  • Results! Droopy eyelids, lumpy jawline, double chin, sagging cheeks and more lifted, toned and tightened using these targeted exercises.
  • Facial features looked prettier and younger - their skin revitalized.
  • Proven, easy-to-master techniques only required minutes a day to execute.
  • A program that delivers real results - an all natural facelift. Non-invasive, using techniques without harm or pain, these users look 5, 10 even 15 years younger!

Your Facial Magic Starter Kit provides complete instruction to learn all 18 proven exercises.

Facial Magic OnDemand training teaches how to execute each movement effortlessly without using cumbersome electronic equipment.

Your OnDemand training includes:

    • Video instruction of all 18 exercises (English and Spanish)
    • Audio CD teaches finger and thumb positioning and “the count.”
    • Success Booklet – progress chart, FAQ’s, helpful hints and tips
    • 6 pair exercise gloves shipped separately
    • 8 weeks daily online training with Cynthia – FREE!
    • The Magic of Facial Exercise – All About Natural Beauty


Meet Cynthia

Janet Leone

Before & After

Well, Hello Gorgeous! I can’t help but smile when I view her many photos. Next month I’ll share her actual progress from our first time together to the present. Remember, Janet tried the program without using the gloves and had no real progress with Facial Magic until she reached out to me and we began our adventure of saving her face. We have been wonderfully successful because Janet dedicated herself to creating her best face possible.


NANCY California

"The results I see in my face of firmness and texture truly gives me a youthful appearance." (9th week)

VICTORIA California

Victoria's profile demonstrates how quickly a face can respond to Facial Magic. Every part of her face has lifted and firmed. Notice the dark circles under her eyes, her laugh lines, under her chin, along her jaw line and the shapeliness of her nose.

"Facial Magic does what it says it will do."

INGE California

Inge's challenge was pouches and sagging around her mouth. After using Facial Magic, her cheeks, mouth, forehead and neck are all improved! She could hardly believe her transformation.

Inge's results were in 9 weeks.

BEV Florida

Lifting and toning helped Bev to look years younger. Her cheeks are beautifully sculpted and the lower mouth no longer shows marionette lines.

facial exercises before and after photos

facial exercises before and after photos

DIANN Colorado

After Facial Magic: Eye bags - gone! Droopy cheeks - gone! Sponginess - gone! Her mouth is now beautiful with no distractions. Her nose is lifted. Her eyes are prominent. She is vibrant and youthful.

"I was beginning to look like my mother and felt invisible! Facial Magic gave me a much younger appearance and I will use it for the rest of my life!" (Week 12)

Sandra UK

Sandra - UK

It was so great to meet you. You are one beautiful lady inside and out.
You look so amazing. I just can’t believe the transformation in my face after our session. Its just amazing! I’m so motivated and excited. I would love another session with you at some point. I’m going to definitely concentrate more.
Thank you again
Sandra UK  Xxx


Mickie's face slimmed, her chin became defined and the facial folds beginning at her nose smoothed, all from the face exercises designed by Cynthia Rowland!

"The results I see in my face of firmness and texture truly gives me a youthful appearance."

Mickie saw dramatic results after only 9 weeks.




I don't know if you remember me, but I have TMJ and was having an issue with my jowls/pouches on the left side of my face not lifting like the right side after 9 weeks. You told me to keep on exercising 6 days a week for the full 15 week program.

Well, I followed your advice and continued to do the facial exercises for 15 weeks and I'm starting to see improvement with my jowls/pouches on my left side (see attached pictures). Hallelujah!

Cyril facial exercises Before photo - facial exercises before and after photosCyril facial exercises After photo - facial exercises before and after photos

DR. CYRIL Nigeria

Facial Magic facial exercises work for everyone. Dr. Cyril's laugh lines are smoother, his cheeks are lifted. The area between the eyebrows has melted away. His face is more inviting.

"My Best Mirror, my wife, tells me that Cynthia has performed the REAL MAGIC on my face. How satisfying!"

Kathryn facial exercises before and after photosKathryn facial exercises before and after photos - after

Kathryn Texas

Kathryn's cheeks are contoured, her mouth is smooth and wide. The pouches under the sides of her mouth are gone. Facial Magic exercises bring oxygen to the skin and revitalize it!

"I'm absolutely delighted with my new face!"

KATHY Florida

Kathy's lower face was suffering from lax muscles and a downward turned mouth. In less than a week, the results were evident.

"I am amazed at the difference I see in my photos and in the mirror! When you look at your face everyday, you may not see the changes but when I laid the photos side by side, they showed how my neck tightened, my lower mouth area looked younger and my skin became thicker and more youthful looking."


"I started Facial Magic at the end of June 2016.  This program is a God send.  I thank you so much for developing this program and I’ve spread the word to many of my friends.  Thanks again!"

joanne cropped


"I am 74 years young and have used Facial Magic for over 25 years. Between that and Luscious Lips...I attribute both to helping me look and feel young... two great products!"


Hi. Cynthia..the last picture I sent was when I was 74...now 80..and I continue singing the praises of Facual Magic'..Happy New Year!

MARIE California

Marie's face was droopy and it made her look old. In just weeks, her face became vibrant, radiant and lifted.


"I’m able to do the exercises with EASE and the muscles are lifting and reacting appropriately!!!! And QUICKLY!!"

marviene beforemarviene after

MARVIENE California

Marviene came to Cynthia looking for something to reverse the deepening eye bags and lines under her eyes. She found it in 20 days using 1 under eye exercise and the Under Eye Treatment skin care product.

"I've tried many other products, none of them worked. Thank you so much! My skin looks great and I look a lot younger."

kjaffe-b4-side facial exercises before and after photosKjaffe-After-Side facial exercises before and after photos

KJAFFE Toronto

Kjaffe's jaw line smoothed, her neck lifted and her cheeks also lifted. Her nose appears smaller and her under eye area has greatly benefited from Facial Magic facial exercises.

LILLIAN Colorado

Lillian looks refreshed and youthful after only 12 weeks. Her head is better supported and her neck tighter. Her jawline is now defined and her eyes no longer have that hooded look.

facial exercises before and after photosdarlene facial exercises before and after photos


8 weeks later.

She looks years younger. Her cheeks are contoured, smoother and her nasal labial folds are flattened. Her chin and neck are transformed! Her eyes are not hooded, either. Under the eyes and even the nose have noticeably changed. The entire face is no longer elongated. It seems smaller and better defined.

Heavy jowls and sagging cheeks made Darlene look much older. In only eight weeks, her face is tightened, refined and more youthful.

Betty Day 1 photo before facial magic face exercise

Betty after 8 weeks of facial exercise with facial magic

BETTY Colorado

Heavy jowls and sagging cheeks made Betty look much older. In only eight weeks, her face is tightened, refined and more youthful. Her eyes are not hooded and her nose is sculpted, too!

LILIAN Toronto

Lilian has restored the symmetry and contour to her face; notice the posture improvement and radiance she portrays. She is able to hold her head erect. She loves her new slimmer face!


"Facial Magic works! I have been doing it for four months and now am on maintenance three times a week. After I work out my body at the gym I get out my mirror and gloves to give my face a good workout.

I see firming in my neck and cheeks plus a smoothing in the nasal labial area. Like all exercise you have to keep doing it to get the best results.

Thanks Cynthia for this safe and effective way to take 15 years off your face."

facial exercises before and after photosfacial exercises before and after photos


Bernice told Facial Magic that she didn't lose an ounce! Her new face is all Facial Magic!

"My hanging chin is gone! My friends say I look like I've had a facelift! I have! A Facial Magic facelift."

BEA New Mexico

Bea's face lifted and tightened in all the right places - these are her results at ten weeks. Eye bags and mouth pouches are gone!