From Drat to Fat Using Your Thumbs and Fingers

Many people avoid looking in the mirror. Why? Because their face does not portray the youthful look they would like to see.

How does this happen? Well, one story goes like this: A 55 year old woman was walking past a mirror and happened to glance into it as she muttered, “Who is that old woman?” It did not take but a few seconds for reality to set in – she realized who that old woman was.

She promised herself that she would no longer look at her image in the mirror until certain improvements were made. Days, weeks and months passed by and her confidence began to crumble as the image of old stuck in her mind.

Could this happen to you?

Our physical looks fade as we mature; our skin tone is different, our hair shows gray and our once beautiful faces begin to lose tone, vibrancy and radiance.

Surely you are one of those Baby Boomers or Gen Xers who wants to fight aging every step of the way so that you sizzle with enthusiasm no matter what your chronological age reveals.

You have probably heard that facial exercise can safely and easily transform an aging face into a more youthful visage but you may not know which type of exercise program provides the most benefit for a drab, sagging or droopy face.

Facial exercise that uses contortions, twists, puckers, frown, scowls and expressions that create wrinkles are to be avoided if you desire a younger looking face. These types of repetitive movements create wrinkles. Having more wrinkles is not advantageous if you want to look youthful.

Facial exercise that teaches you how to first anchor the muscle and then create a contraction will provide noticeable results almost immediately. Resistance and contraction assures you that those tiny, hidden muscles will take on a new and improved freshness as they better sup- port the shape and contour of your face.

You may believe that learning a new exercise routine will be time consuming and difficult. This is not the case. Using only your thumbs and fingers while situated in front of your mirror you will easily learn positions and executions that require only thirty five seconds of your time.

Slow and deliberate contractions means that results are seen almost instantly, and as your muscles become stronger, results last longer. That sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

This simple, natural method of facial exercise is superior to chemicals that are injected and facial exercise is more advanced than surgery. How? There is no cutting, there are no drugs to upset your inner balance and you never have to worry about not liking the results.

In addition, there is no risk of a nasty infection that delays healing, or scarring from deep wounds, no loss of sensation, or pain. The body understands exercise and it thrives; injections are foreign to the body and the outcome after numerous injections can destroy faces that only wanted to look prettier.

There is a plethora of anti-aging serums and potions, many types of injected materials available to plump and paralyze and surgeries for every facet of your face. Are they for you?

If you book an appointment with a physician that dispenses these services, you will be asked to read and sign consent forms that outline each possible contraindication. This protects the physician because the risks far outweigh the outcome but if you have complications, the physician will unlikely refund your money or schedule any free services for you.

When you choose facial exercise the promise is simple: follow directions, eat well, drink water and you will see results.

From drab to fab, facial exercise will have you looking younger, fresher, and more alive with skin that looks and feels substantially enhanced from increased oxygenated blood flowing throughout the tissues.

Now when you look in the mirror, you will definitely say “Well, hello gorgeous!”