Nail Polish – Gel or Dip?

Having beautifully polished nails is one of my favorite beauty splurges – yes, having a mani/pedi is a splurge these days! Gone are the days of $25 mani/pedis as simple polishes have evolved into new application methods.

Can you apply these new polishes and successfully remove them at home without damaging your nails? Perhaps. Gel nails look sensational and there is no damage to the nail bed if the gel is expertly applied. No harsh smell like acrylic nails. A gel manicure typically lasts two to three weeks. Use your file to smooth the polish as your nail grows.

Dipped powder nails are relatively new on the scene. No lights or UV treatment required. There is no odor but application at home is not recommended due to the chemicals used. They are applied faster than gel and there are many beautiful colors from which to choose, This application typically lasts two to three weeks.