The Secret of Happiness for Over-50s?

Read about it at the Daily Mail.

I like Linda Kelsey’s attitude – “…don’t become invisible!” I agree. For the past 25 years I’ve heard women say that they became invisible to the opposite sex and when I hear from them it’s usually a result of a sagging face that creates a loss of confidence. Facial Magic to the rescue – a proven exercise program for the face and neck that targets a cause of aging – soft, droopy muscles. From the inside out, muscles become stronger and skin is revitalized.

The secret of happiness for the over-50s? Staying vain!

  • Linda Kelsey says over-50s shouldn’t resign themselves to being invisible
  • This is when women take greater pride in their appearance 
  • She won’t even go out to walk the dog without a slick of lipstick 
  • Vain as that may seem, she says she is not alone