Top 3 Facial Concerns of Men


  1. Here they are and we can help: 
    1. crow’s feet
    2. wrinkled brows
    3. turkey neck (saggy skin under the chin, attached to the neck)
  2. There are about 57 muscles throughout your face and neck—muscles that you probably neglect during your daily workouts. DON'T!men muscle face 2
  3. Your body looks amazing after training the other hundreds of muscles from the neck down, so why not put your face muscles to work? Exercising the muscles in your face will make your jawbone more prominent, enhance cheekbones, and shred off excess fat in your face.
  4. As reported by CNN“Under the skin there is an area of fatty tissue called the subcutaneous layer. It diminishes with age. The loss of this area contributes to decreased firmness, giving facial skin an older, tired look.  Exercising the facial muscles tones and lifts the skin because your facial muscles are attached to your skin and the bone like a web that forms the shape of your face.”maxresdefault
  5. When your facial muscles are not exercised, they atrophy.  This is why your face gets saggy as you age.  Starting facial exercises at 25 years of age is ideal!

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You will find all types of tips on the internet featuring “exercises for your face”.  Most are just tips and not backed by science or specific to muscle groups in your face.  The Cynthia Rowland System actually addresses these muscle groups and gives you the specific ways to increase the strength of the muscles to keep you face from sagging.  

SPECIAL NOTE REGARDING MEN & FACELIFTS, THE RISK HIGHER:What about a face lift? The risks are much the same with men as they are with women. The dangers of anaesthesia, scarring and nerve damage are all just as likely with men. One particular problem, however, is that for men the risk of blood clotting is higher. The possibility is more likely because men have a higher amount of blood cells in their face.  Why not avoid the risk and exercise your face, providing a natural way to stay looking younger longer?