A Wedding Story…

Being the mother-of-the-bride can be quite taxing for many, many months.

The lists, the many, many lists, even though managed and headed by a very capable wedding planner, every conceivable wedding designation that included florists, dressmakers, alterations, jewelers, car services, caterers and more…and this was just a partial list of retained participants needed to pull off a magical event, which meant everyone was under pressure to perform without a hitch. The details seemed endless.

After months of decision making, stresses and upsets, this mother-of-the-bride needed special pampering.

An impassioned plea came from her, the mother-of-the-bride, a long-time friend, to “save her face” before her daughter was married.  I flew to Toronto four days in advance of the wedding to make certain her face was ready to meet and greet the hundreds of friends and family of the bride and groom.

Manicures and pedicures were the first order because anticipating this fantasy winter wedding was absolutely the perfect way to unwind after a five-hour flight. As we left the salon and headed to my friend’s home, large snow-flakes were falling.

The following day I began re-introducing the exercises. We didn’t want to over-do or stress those tiny facial muscles and decided we would perform only six exercises Day One. She hadn’t performed an entire routine in a very long time but after performing the first six exercises we were thrilled with her results. We were so encouraged we performed the first six exercises again before bedtime.

Woke up on Day Two with more snow. Last minute errands were the order of the day but so was Facial Magic. We performed the first twelve exercises, promising ourselves we would add the next six exercises before bedtime. Even though my friend had an exhausting day of last-minute fittings, approval of certain flowers that had arrived and the acceptance of arriving gifts, we completed all eighteen exercises before washing our faces and dropping into bed.

The day before the wedding we awoke to dark skies and large snowflakes falling.  We were anticipating the wedding rehearsal along with the rehearsal dinner. Little did we know that Mother Nature would dump an amazing amount of snow on the city, making travel from northern Toronto to the downtown lake area completely impassable and impossible.

The snow was deep and the streets were treacherous. We traveled about one mile in one and a half hours. Talk about extreme frustration! The realization that my friend was missing her daughter’s rehearsal dinner was a low blow but she managed to take it in stride with a smile on her face and one of her famous wise cracks.

Instead of a scrumptious evening of fine dining, our wedding party scrounged for apples, turkey and chips.

We had completed all eighteen exercises before the wedding day and we wanted to perform all 18 exercises again before hair and makeup. And we did! Hair and makeup complete, gowns on and the limo was on time. The snow had stopped falling and the streets were mostly passable.

What a beautiful wedding it was. Seriously, this wedding rivaled a fairy tale, regal affair! Everything thing was well-planned. From the most amazing pale pink rose center pieces on every table to the intricately inscribed wedding cake, the entire affair, complete with orchestra and singers, was wonderfully impressive. We danced, we dined and hardly anyone left the party until after 2:00 a.m.

And my friend? She looked marvelous! She enjoyed compliments all evening. Her face, her hair, her dress could not have been more perfect! Another success story for Facial Magic!