All the Horrifying Ways Celebs Maintain Their Necks, Chests


There is an enormous amount of stress and anxiety to walk the red carpet while appearing at an award show. The pressure is on all day, evening and late into the night. Preparation begins weeks in advance.

There are sane methods of alleviating red carpet jitters like performing Facial Magic exercises so your face becomes toned, lifted and tightened. Massaging coconut oil into those areas that will be exposed is solid advice – the rest of the horrifying ways celebs try to maintain beauty are in the article.

Celebrities have access to exotic plastic surgery options that most of us have never heard of to maintain body parts that normals don’t even think about maintaining. The Hollywood Reporter catalogs all the various methods that stars can employ to make sure their decolletage looks ageless and strapless dress-ready by awards season. Here are a few of them, ranked in order of grossness:

Least gross: massage coconut oil into your chest.

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