Are You Ready for a Brow Lift?

eye brow lift

Funny thing about eyebrows, you don’t quite notice them dropping and drooping.

Then suddenly, you realize that the distance between your brows and your lashes has greatly diminished. Eye makeup no longer “sits” quite right because crepiness has developed in your once smooth eyelids. And crow’s feet are deepening each time you smile. It’s time for a brow lift.

There’s more! Your forehead isn’t looking or acting youthful either. You realize that years of wrinkling your forehead has created some very interesting etchings. Horizontal lines across the span of your forehead. The elevens between the brows have been deepening over the past few years.

Eyebrows Drop With Age

Consider this: if your eyebrows are dropping and your forehead is mushy, wrinkles easily, and it can be pushed up and down with your fingertips, this indicates that muscle atrophy is detected and becoming apparent.

If you’re 35 and older, you can clearly see that your forehead, brows, upper eyes, lower eyes and crow’s feet need to be tightened, lifted and toned so that the aging look is stopped in its tracks.

Now if you’re willing to part with about $3700.00, suffer with oozing and painful, crusty scabs with a good 3 – 6 months before you can comfortably brush your hair, go for an endoscopic brow lift.

A Natural Brow Lift with Facial Magic

The good news is that Facial Magic®, a proven natural facelift product for just $99.95, can lift your brows, tighten your forehead, alleviate the look of lines, tighten your eyelids, stop crow’s feet and strengthen the entire eye region and more.

That’s just part of what this remarkable program of facial exercise can do for every participant.

Softening facial muscles begin to droop causing wrinkles and certainly when that happens you realize that you do not want to be forever running to get injections and more surgery.

Naturally, without surgery or anything invasive or painful, in the privacy of your home, you can lift your eyebrows and more.

And, here is where you begin: the free eyelift!