At Least I Have My Original Face

Now more than ever before facial plastic surgery along with paralyzing and plumping injections have gripped the world. Frozen faces, overly inflated lips and the now familiar wind-tunnel-look has become a multi-billion dollar business with more and more teenage girls being lured into the trap as they watch their movie and TV idols morph into the senseless abyss of “cosmetic surgery.”

According to a recent article, casting directors and other Hollywood types are not exactly thrilled with how their male and female stars have begun to rely on innumerable injections as well as nips and tucks. The celebrity faces are no longer easily recognizable and the actors certainly cannot emote or provide certain facial movements, expressions or characteristics when their faces are immobilized.

The popularity of high resolution, high definition television has caused major alarm for those in front of the camera. Scars are noticeable, Botox paralyzed foreheads look super unnatural and face lifts are definitely easy to spot. These so called enhancements do not always produce the desired results of youthfulness; rather, the surgeries and the injections just make the viewer realize how desperate the acting community has become to look younger no matter how risky or preposterous the procedure.

Determining how a person’s face is aging is easy and believe it or not, there is a nonsurgical remedy that works better than surgery and injections. It is totally risk free, affordably priced and there is only one result: the user looks refreshed, younger and vibrant.

An aging face is all about sagging muscles and sagging skin. The medical community would love to have everyone believe that aging can only be stopped or remedied with plastic surgery or injections. This is not true.

Gravity continues to affect the muscles making them sag; no matter if you have had injections, surgery or laser, the downward slide of muscles and skin continue. That’s why injections of Botox, Restylane, Collagen and others must be repeated regularly.

Same with surgery; if you have your upper eyes surgically altered, the downward slide of the forehead muscle will continue to depress the obicularis oculi muscles the circular muscle surrounding each eye. After a few years, the same procedure will need to be repeated because surgery does not stop the cause of aging or sagging facial muscles.

Do not be fooled; it takes a lot of money to fuel cosmetic procedures. In addition to large outlays of cash that most insurance companies will not reimburse, there is the aspect of risk that must be addressed.

Every cosmetic procedure has an element of risk attached to it. Whether that risk is infection, pain, scarring, disappointment or financial, cosmetic procedures are not child’s play. Frankly, choosing any injection or surgery should be the last resort.

Why cut into perfectly healthy skin when there is an all natural remedy to facial aging that is 100% natural and without risk?

That’s right! Sagging facial skin and muscles can be remedied with isometric contraction and resistance exercises. These unique movements can reverse the signs of aging in faces and in just minutes a day using your thumbs and fingers your face can look younger.

Exercise technology for the face makes perfect sense. Just as exercising your body creates toned tightened muscles and skin, the very same principles can be applied to the face. Every area of the face and neck can be lifted and made to look younger without injections, drugs, risk or surgery.

Imagine your upper eyes lifting, nose to mouth folds flattening, jowls disappearing and that younger you becoming more visible day by day.

After a few weeks of exercise, you can turn to the camera (or mirror) and say, “All right, Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up!”